Detailed Translations for blow to pieces from English to Dutch

blow to pieces:

to blow to pieces verb (blows to pieces, blowing to pieces)

  1. to blow to pieces (explode; blow up)
    ontploffen; uit elkaar spatten; springen; uit elkaar springen; ploffen
    • ontploffen verb (ontplof, ontploft, ontplofte, ontploften, ontploft)
    • uit elkaar spatten verb (spat uit elkaar, spatte uit elkaar, spatten uit elkaar, uit elkaar gespat)
    • springen verb (spring, springt, sprong, sprongen, gesprongen)
    • uit elkaar springen verb (spring uit elkaar, springt uit elkaar, sprong uit elkaar, sprongen uit elkaar, uit elkaar gesprongen)
    • ploffen verb (plof, ploft, plofte, ploften, geploft)

Conjugations for blow to pieces:

  1. blow to pieces
  2. blow to pieces
  3. blows to pieces
  4. blow to pieces
  5. blow to pieces
  6. blow to pieces
present perfect
  1. have blown to pieces
  2. have blown to pieces
  3. has blown to pieces
  4. have blown to pieces
  5. have blown to pieces
  6. have blown to pieces
past continuous
  1. was blowing to pieces
  2. were blowing to pieces
  3. was blowing to pieces
  4. were blowing to pieces
  5. were blowing to pieces
  6. were blowing to pieces
  1. shall blow to pieces
  2. will blow to pieces
  3. will blow to pieces
  4. shall blow to pieces
  5. will blow to pieces
  6. will blow to pieces
continuous present
  1. am blowing to pieces
  2. are blowing to pieces
  3. is blowing to pieces
  4. are blowing to pieces
  5. are blowing to pieces
  6. are blowing to pieces
  1. be blown to pieces
  2. be blown to pieces
  3. be blown to pieces
  4. be blown to pieces
  5. be blown to pieces
  6. be blown to pieces
  1. blow to pieces!
  2. let's blow to pieces!
  3. blown to pieces
  4. blowing to pieces
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

Translation Matrix for blow to pieces:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
ploffen pops
springen jumping; jumping down; jumping off; leaping
VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
ontploffen blow to pieces; blow up; explode burst; explode; snap
ploffen blow to pieces; blow up; explode flop down; plop down; plump down
springen blow to pieces; blow up; explode burst; explode; hop up; jump; jump up; leap; leap up; make a little jump; snap
uit elkaar spatten blow to pieces; blow up; explode burst; explode; snap
uit elkaar springen blow to pieces; blow up; explode burst; explode; snap

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