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Detailed Translations for cripple from English to Dutch


to cripple verb (cripples, crippled, crippling)

  1. to cripple (mutilate; maim)
    verminken; misvormen; mismaken
    • verminken verb (vermink, verminkt, verminkte, verminkten, verminkt)
    • misvormen verb (misvorm, misvormt, misvormde, misvormden, misvormd)
    • mismaken verb (mismaak, mismaakt, mismaakte, mismaakten, mismaakt)
  2. to cripple (paralyse; paralyze)
    verlammen; lamleggen
    • verlammen verb (verlam, verlamt, verlamde, verlamden, verlamd)
    • lamleggen verb (leg lam, legt lam, legde lam, legden lam, lamgelegd)

Conjugations for cripple:

  1. cripple
  2. cripple
  3. cripples
  4. cripple
  5. cripple
  6. cripple
simple past
  1. crippled
  2. crippled
  3. crippled
  4. crippled
  5. crippled
  6. crippled
present perfect
  1. have crippled
  2. have crippled
  3. has crippled
  4. have crippled
  5. have crippled
  6. have crippled
past continuous
  1. was crippling
  2. were crippling
  3. was crippling
  4. were crippling
  5. were crippling
  6. were crippling
  1. shall cripple
  2. will cripple
  3. will cripple
  4. shall cripple
  5. will cripple
  6. will cripple
continuous present
  1. am crippling
  2. are crippling
  3. is crippling
  4. are crippling
  5. are crippling
  6. are crippling
  1. be crippled
  2. be crippled
  3. be crippled
  4. be crippled
  5. be crippled
  6. be crippled
  1. cripple!
  2. let's cripple!
  3. crippled
  4. crippling
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

cripple [the ~] noun

  1. the cripple (maimed person)
    de verminkte

Translation Matrix for cripple:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
verminkte cripple; maimed person
VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
lamleggen cripple; paralyse; paralyze
mismaken cripple; maim; mutilate
misvormen cripple; maim; mutilate
verlammen cripple; paralyse; paralyze disarm; paralyse; paralyze
verminken cripple; maim; mutilate
- lame; stultify
ModifierRelated TranslationsOther Translations
verminkte crippled; maimed; mutilated

Related Words for "cripple":

  • crippling, crippled, cripples, crippler

Synonyms for "cripple":

Related Definitions for "cripple":

  1. someone who is unable to walk normally because of an injury or disability to the legs or back1
  2. deprive of the use of a limb, especially a leg1
    • The accident has crippled her for life1
  3. deprive of strength or efficiency; make useless or worthless1
    • This measure crippled our efforts1

Wiktionary Translations for cripple:

  1. kreupel slaan, een persoon of dier dusdanig letsel toebrengen dat het zich voortbewegen blijvend bemoeilijkt of onmogelijk wordt

Cross Translation:
cripple verlammen; verminken; misvormen estropierpriver de l’usage d’un membre, soit par une blessure, soit par quelque coup, soit par une maladie. cf|estropié

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