Detailed Translations for hall from English to Dutch


hall [the ~] noun

  1. the hall (room; chamber)
    grote kamer; de zaal
  2. the hall (entrance-hall)
    de hal; de entreehal
  3. the hall (vestibule; lobby; foyer)
    de vestibule; het portaal; het voorportaal; de hal; de entree
  4. the hall (fish-market; portal)
    de hal; vishal
  5. the hall (Knights' Hall; portal)
    de ridderzaal; de hal
  6. the hall (portal)
    het voorhuis
  7. the hall
    narthex; de voorhal
  8. the hall (front room)
    het voorvertrek

Translation Matrix for hall:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
entree foyer; hall; lobby; vestibule access; admission; admission charge; admission fee; admittance; arrival; entering; entrance; entrance charge; entrance fee; entry; incoming
entreehal entrance-hall; hall
grote kamer chamber; hall; room
hal Knights' Hall; entrance-hall; fish-market; foyer; hall; lobby; portal; vestibule corridor; drawing-room; foyer; passage; reception-room; salon; waiting-room
narthex hall
overloop corridor; landing; passage
portaal foyer; hall; lobby; vestibule corridor; passage
ridderzaal Knights' Hall; hall; portal
vestibule foyer; hall; lobby; vestibule
vishal fish-market; hall; portal
voorhal hall
voorhuis hall; portal
voorportaal foyer; hall; lobby; vestibule
voorvertrek front room; hall
zaal chamber; hall; room
- antechamber; anteroom; dorm; dormitory; entrance hall; foyer; hallway; lobby; manor hall; manse; mansion; mansion house; residence; residence hall; student residence; vestibule

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Related Definitions for "hall":

  1. a large entrance or reception room or area1
  2. a college or university building containing living quarters for students1
  3. a large building for meetings or entertainment1
  4. a large room for gatherings or entertainment1
    • lecture hall1
    • pool hall1
  5. a large building used by a college or university for teaching or research1
    • halls of learning1
  6. an interior passage or corridor onto which rooms open1
    • the elevators were at the end of the hall1
  7. the large room of a manor or castle1
  8. a large and imposing house1

Wiktionary Translations for hall:

  1. principal room of a secular medieval building
  2. building providing student accommodation
  3. manor house
  4. meeting room
  5. corridor or a hallway.
  1. ruimte achter de voordeur
  2. een grote overdekte ruimte gericht op het uitvoeren van activiteiten

Cross Translation:
hall zaal hall — Grande salle.

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