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Detailed Translations for inhospitable from English to Dutch


inhospitable adj

  1. inhospitable (barren)

Translation Matrix for inhospitable:

AdjectiveRelated TranslationsOther Translations
kaal barren; inhospitable bald; bare; barren; hairless; stripped; without hair
ongastvrij barren; inhospitable
onherbergzaam barren; inhospitable
ruig barren; inhospitable bushy; feral; hairy; shaggy; unbroken; untamed; wild; woolly; wooly
steriel barren; inhospitable

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Related Definitions for "inhospitable":

  1. unfavorable to life or growth1
    • the barren inhospitable desert1
    • inhospitable mountain areas1
  2. not hospitable1
    • they are extremely inhospitable these days1
    • her greeting was cold and inhospitable1

Wiktionary Translations for inhospitable:

  1. Not offering shelter