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Detailed Translations for intact from English to Dutch


intact adj

  1. intact (unimpaired; undamaged)
    heel; gaaf; intact

Translation Matrix for intact:

AdjectiveRelated TranslationsOther Translations
gaaf intact; undamaged; unimpaired cool; fantastic; flawless; maidenly; marvellous; marvelous; outrageous; perfect; pure; super; terrific; undamaged; unspoiled; untainted; untouched; virginal; whole
heel intact; undamaged; unimpaired entire; whole
intact intact; undamaged; unimpaired
- entire; integral; inviolate
OtherRelated TranslationsOther Translations
- unbroken

Synonyms for "intact":

Related Definitions for "intact":

  1. constituting the undiminished entirety; lacking nothing essential especially not damaged1
    • fought to keep the union intact1
  2. undamaged in any way1
    • the vase remained intact despit rough handling1
  3. (of a woman) having the hymen unbroken1
    • she was intact, virginal1
  4. (used of domestic animals) sexually competent1

Wiktionary Translations for intact:

  1. in goede staat, onaangetast