Detailed Translations for lift up from English to Dutch

lift up:

to lift up verb (lifts up, lifted up, lifting up)

  1. to lift up (heave; lift)
    – take and lift upward 1
    – omhoog tillen 2
    • opheffen verb (hef op, heft op, hief op, hieven op, opgeheven)
      • hij hief de beker op2
    heffen; tillen; omhoog brengen; lichten; omhoogheffen
    • heffen verb (hef, heft, hief, hieffen, geheven)
    • tillen verb (til, tilt, tilde, tilden, getild)
    • omhoog brengen verb (breng omhoog, brengt omhoog, bracht omhoog, brachten omhoog, omhoog gebracht)
    • lichten verb (licht, lichtte, lichtten, gelicht)
    • omhoogheffen verb (hef omhoog, heft omhoog, hief omhoog, hieven omhoog, omhooggeheven)
    – omhoog brengen 2
    • optillen verb (til op, tilt op, tilde op, tilden op, opgetild)
      • hij tilde de zware stoel op2
  2. to lift up (raise; put up)
    heffen; omhoog doen
  3. to lift up (raise; lift; heave)
    opheffen; heffen; hijsen; omhoog heffen
    • opheffen verb (hef op, heft op, hief op, hieven op, opgeheven)
    • heffen verb (hef, heft, hief, hieffen, geheven)
    • hijsen verb (hijs, hijst, hees, hesen, gehesen)
  4. to lift up
    • omhoogtillen verb (til omhoog, tilt omhoog, tilde omhoog, tilden omhoog, omhooggetild)
  5. to lift up (heave; raise)
    omhoogheffen; naar boven tillen

Conjugations for lift up:

  1. lift up
  2. lift up
  3. lifts up
  4. lift up
  5. lift up
  6. lift up
simple past
  1. lifted up
  2. lifted up
  3. lifted up
  4. lifted up
  5. lifted up
  6. lifted up
present perfect
  1. have lifted up
  2. have lifted up
  3. has lifted up
  4. have lifted up
  5. have lifted up
  6. have lifted up
past continuous
  1. was lifting up
  2. were lifting up
  3. was lifting up
  4. were lifting up
  5. were lifting up
  6. were lifting up
  1. shall lift up
  2. will lift up
  3. will lift up
  4. shall lift up
  5. will lift up
  6. will lift up
continuous present
  1. am lifting up
  2. are lifting up
  3. is lifting up
  4. are lifting up
  5. are lifting up
  6. are lifting up
  1. be lifted up
  2. be lifted up
  3. be lifted up
  4. be lifted up
  5. be lifted up
  6. be lifted up
  1. lift up!
  2. let's lift up!
  3. lifted up
  4. lifting up
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

Translation Matrix for lift up:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
lichten lights
opheffen lifting; removal; revoking; withdrawal
VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
heffen heave; lift; lift up; put up; raise
hijsen heave; lift; lift up; raise haul in; hoist; pull up; raise
lichten heave; lift; lift up break; dawn; draw up; empty the mailbox; flash; lighten; remove; thunder
naar boven tillen heave; lift up; raise carry up
omhoog brengen heave; lift; lift up
omhoog doen lift up; put up; raise
omhoog heffen heave; lift; lift up; raise
omhoogheffen heave; lift; lift up; raise
omhoogtillen lift up
opheffen heave; lift; lift up; raise abolish; adjourn; annul; break down; break up; cancel; disband; dissolve; melt away; neutralise; neutralize; nullify; sever; shut down; undo; unhitch; unpick
optillen heave; lift; lift up
tillen heave; lift; lift up cheat; dodge; lie
- elate; gather up; intoxicate; pick up; uplift

Synonyms for "lift up":

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Related Definitions for "lift up":

  1. fill with high spirits; fill with optimism1
  2. take and lift upward1

Wiktionary Translations for lift up:

lift up
  1. to elevate

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