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Detailed Translations for residence from English to Dutch


residence [the ~] noun

  1. the residence (home; house; base)
    het huis; het verblijf; de residentie; de woning; het woonhuis; het thuis
  2. the residence (home; house)
    – a large and imposing house 1
    het verblijf; het optrekje; de stulp
    het huis
    – gebouw dat bedoeld is om in te wonen 2
    • huis [het ~] noun
      • wij wonen in een oud huis2
  3. the residence (place of residence; domicile; address; )
    de woonplaats
  4. the residence (house; premises; building)
    het huis; het perceel; het pand
  5. the residence (villa; country house; estate)
    de villa
  6. the residence (base; home)
    het honk
  7. the residence
    de verblijfplaats

Translation Matrix for residence:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
honk base; home; residence
huis base; building; home; house; premises; residence
optrekje home; house; residence pied-a-terre
pand building; house; premises; residence bond; building; construction; edifice; guarantee; lot; pledge; premises; security; structure; surety; warranty
perceel building; house; premises; residence building site; ground; lot; parcel; plot; site
residentie base; home; house; residence Judicial capital; court capital; royal residence
stulp home; house; residence
thuis base; home; house; residence home; homeland
verblijf base; home; house; residence
verblijfplaats residence accommodation; housing; lodging; lodgings; quarters; shelter
villa country house; estate; residence; villa
woning base; home; house; residence
woonhuis base; home; house; residence
woonplaats address; domicile; dwelling place; habitat; home; place of residence; residence
- abidance; abode; hall; manse; mansion; mansion house; residency
AdverbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
thuis at home; home
OtherRelated TranslationsOther Translations
- official residence; place of residence

Related Words for "residence":

  • residences

Synonyms for "residence":

Related Definitions for "residence":

  1. the act of dwelling in a place1
  2. a large and imposing house1
  3. the official house or establishment of an important person (as a sovereign or president)1
    • he refused to live in the governor's residence1
  4. any address at which you dwell more than temporarily1
    • a person can have several residences1

Wiktionary Translations for residence:

  1. place where one lives
  2. building used as a home
  1. verblijfplaats (van een staatshoofd)

Cross Translation:
residence woning; kwartier; logies; onderkomen demeurehabitation, domicile.
residence woning; kwartier; logies; onderkomen habitation — Action d’habiter un lieu.
residence woning; kwartier; logies; onderkomen logement — Local d'habitation.

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