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Detailed Translations for add to from English to Swedish

add to:

to add to verb (adds to, added to, adding to)

  1. to add to (append; add; join)
    öka; bidraga
    • öka verb (ökar, ökade, ökat)
    • bidraga verb (bidrar, bidrog, bidragit)
  2. to add to (increase; rise; expand; )
    tillta; öka
    • tillta verb (tilltar, tilltog, tilltagit)
    • öka verb (ökar, ökade, ökat)

Conjugations for add to:

  1. add to
  2. add to
  3. adds to
  4. add to
  5. add to
  6. add to
simple past
  1. added to
  2. added to
  3. added to
  4. added to
  5. added to
  6. added to
present perfect
  1. have added to
  2. have added to
  3. has added to
  4. have added to
  5. have added to
  6. have added to
past continuous
  1. was adding to
  2. were adding to
  3. was adding to
  4. were adding to
  5. were adding to
  6. were adding to
  1. shall add to
  2. will add to
  3. will add to
  4. shall add to
  5. will add to
  6. will add to
continuous present
  1. am adding to
  2. are adding to
  3. is adding to
  4. are adding to
  5. are adding to
  6. are adding to
  1. be added to
  2. be added to
  3. be added to
  4. be added to
  5. be added to
  6. be added to
  1. add to!
  2. let's add to!
  3. added to
  4. adding to
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

add to

  1. add to

Translation Matrix for add to:

VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
bidraga add; add to; append; join contribute
tillta add to; arise; ascent; expand; extend; grow; increase; rise accumulate; augment; develop; expand; grow; increase; multiply; stow
öka add; add to; append; arise; ascent; expand; extend; grow; increase; join; rise accumulate; augment; develop; escalate; expand; grow; increase; multiply; put on; rise; snowball; stow
OtherRelated TranslationsOther Translations
tillöka add to

Synonyms for "add to":

Related Definitions for "add to":

  1. have an increased effect1

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