Detailed Translations for put on from English to Swedish

put on:

to put on verb (puts on, put on, putting on)

  1. to put on (dress)
    klä sig
    • klä sig verb (klär sig, klädde sig, klätt sig)
  2. to put on (switch on; turn on; connect; start; light)
    koppla på; slå på; tända på; koppla in
    • koppla på verb (kopplar på, kopplade på, kopplat på)
    • slå på verb (slår på, slog på, slagit på)
    • tända på verb (tänder på, tändde på, tänt på)
    • koppla in verb (kopplar in, kopplade in, kopplat in)
  3. to put on
    sätta på; lägga på; slå på
    • sätta på verb (sätter på, satte på, satt på)
    • lägga på verb (lägger på, lade på, lagt på)
    • slå på verb (slår på, slog på, slagit på)
  4. to put on
    öka; anlägga; låtsa; sätta på
    • öka verb (ökar, ökade, ökat)
    • anlägga verb (anlägger, anlade, anlagt)
    • låtsa verb (låtsar, låtsade, låtsat)
    • sätta på verb (sätter på, satte på, satt på)
  5. to put on (ignite; inflame; light; kindle)
    • tända verb (tänder, tändde, tänt)
  6. to put on (tie on; fasten on)
    binda fast; binda på
    • binda fast verb (binder fast, band fast, bundit fast)
    • binda på verb (binder på, band på, bundit på)

Conjugations for put on:

  1. put on
  2. put on
  3. puts on
  4. put on
  5. put on
  6. put on
simple past
  1. put on
  2. put on
  3. put on
  4. put on
  5. put on
  6. put on
present perfect
  1. have put on
  2. have put on
  3. has put on
  4. have put on
  5. have put on
  6. have put on
past continuous
  1. was putting on
  2. were putting on
  3. was putting on
  4. were putting on
  5. were putting on
  6. were putting on
  1. shall put on
  2. will put on
  3. will put on
  4. shall put on
  5. will put on
  6. will put on
continuous present
  1. am putting on
  2. are putting on
  3. is putting on
  4. are putting on
  5. are putting on
  6. are putting on
  1. be put on
  2. be put on
  3. be put on
  4. be put on
  5. be put on
  6. be put on
  1. put on!
  2. let's put on!
  3. put on
  4. putting on
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

put on adj

  1. put on (switched on)

put on [the ~] noun

  1. the put on (swank; affectation; pose)
    mallighet; snobberi

put on

  1. put on

Translation Matrix for put on:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
mallighet affectation; pose; put on; swank
snobberi affectation; pose; put on; swank
VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
anlägga put on locate; place; post; put; set; situate; station
binda fast fasten on; put on; tie on bind; bind fast; bind round; bind up; fasten; join; pinion; tie; tie on; tie up
binda på fasten on; put on; tie on
klä sig dress; put on dress; fit up; get dressed
koppla in connect; light; put on; start; switch on; turn on
koppla på connect; light; put on; start; switch on; turn on keep on a string; leash on
lägga på put on lay on
låtsa put on act; dramatise; dramatize; perform; play; play-act; pretend
slå på connect; light; put on; start; switch on; turn on
sätta på put on open; open up; turn on; unlock; unscrew
tända ignite; inflame; kindle; light; put on excite; ignite; inflame; kindle; light; make burning; set fire to; strike
tända på connect; light; put on; start; switch on; turn on switch on; turn on
öka put on accumulate; add; add to; append; arise; ascent; augment; develop; escalate; expand; extend; grow; increase; join; multiply; rise; snowball; stow
- apply; assume; don; gain; get into; mount; turn in; wear
AdjectiveRelated TranslationsOther Translations
- assumed; false; fictitious; fictive; pretended; sham
OtherRelated TranslationsOther Translations
axla put on
ModifierRelated TranslationsOther Translations
påsatt put on; switched on

Synonyms for "put on":

Antonyms for "put on":

Related Definitions for "put on":

  1. adopted in order to deceive1
  2. increase (one's body weight)1
  3. put clothing on one's body1
    • He put on his best suit for the wedding1
  4. add to something existing1
    • She put on a sun room1
  5. add to the odometer1
    • He put on 1,000 miles on this trip1
  6. apply to a surface1
  7. prepare and supply with the necessary equipment for execution or performance1
  8. carry out (performances)1
  9. put on the stove or ready for cooking1
    • put on the tea, please!1

Wiktionary Translations for put on:

Cross Translation:
put on slå på; sätta på; koppla in; tända einschaltenTechnik: ein Gerät in Betrieb nehmen
put on använda; begagna; bruka; lägga; ställa; sätta appliquermettre une chose sur une autre, soit pour qu’elle y demeure adhérente, être pour qu’elle y laisser une empreinte, soit simplement pour qu’elle y toucher.
put on tränga sig in; framtvingas imposer — Traductions à trier suivant le sens
put on lägga; ställa; sätta mettreplacer une personne, ou un animal, ou une chose dans un lieu déterminé.
put on tacka ja till revêtirpourvoir de vêtements quelqu’un qui en a besoin.

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