Detailed Translations for bring in from English to Swedish

bring in:

to bring in verb (brings in, brought in, bringing in)

  1. to bring in (produce)
    inbringa; lägga fram; avkasta; hämta in
    • inbringa verb (inbringar, inbringade, inbringat)
    • lägga fram verb (lägger fram, lade fram, lagt fram)
    • avkasta verb (avkastar, avkastade, avkastat)
    • hämta in verb (hämtar in, hämtade in, hämtat in)
  2. to bring in (obtain; get; take in)
    • inbringa verb (inbringar, inbringade, inbringat)
  3. to bring in (propose; raise; bring forward; )
    föreslå; introducera; nominera
    • föreslå verb (föreslår, föreslog, föreslagit)
    • introducera verb (introducerar, introducerade, introducerat)
    • nominera verb (nominerar, nominerade, nominerat)
  4. to bring in (suggest; prompt; initiate; raise)
    • föreslå verb (föreslår, föreslog, föreslagit)
  5. to bring in (call in)
    inbringa; inropa
    • inbringa verb (inbringar, inbringade, inbringat)
    • inropa verb (inropar, inropade, inropat)
  6. to bring in (carry in)
    ta in; föra in
    • ta in verb (tar in, tog in, tagit in)
    • föra in verb (för in, förde in, fört in)

Conjugations for bring in:

  1. bring in
  2. bring in
  3. brings in
  4. bring in
  5. bring in
  6. bring in
simple past
  1. brought in
  2. brought in
  3. brought in
  4. brought in
  5. brought in
  6. brought in
present perfect
  1. have brought in
  2. have brought in
  3. has brought in
  4. have brought in
  5. have brought in
  6. have brought in
past continuous
  1. was bringing in
  2. were bringing in
  3. was bringing in
  4. were bringing in
  5. were bringing in
  6. were bringing in
  1. shall bring in
  2. will bring in
  3. will bring in
  4. shall bring in
  5. will bring in
  6. will bring in
continuous present
  1. am bringing in
  2. are bringing in
  3. is bringing in
  4. are bringing in
  5. are bringing in
  6. are bringing in
  1. be brought in
  2. be brought in
  3. be brought in
  4. be brought in
  5. be brought in
  6. be brought in
  1. bring in!
  2. let's bring in!
  3. brought in
  4. bringing in
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

bring in

  1. bring in (yield)

Translation Matrix for bring in:

VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
avkasta bring in; produce
föra in bring in; carry in allow in; engage; feed in; filter in; insert; join the traffic; lead in; let in; open to; register; show in; sign on
föreslå bring forward; bring in; initiate; introduce; nominate; present; prompt; propose; raise; suggest advise; imply; indicate; intimate; lay before; make a proposal; point to; propose; propound; recommend; signify; stand for; suggest
hämta in bring in; produce
inbringa bring in; call in; get; obtain; produce; take in
inropa bring in; call in appeal to; call in; enlist; invoke
introducera bring forward; bring in; initiate; introduce; nominate; present; propose; raise bring forward; introduce; open; prepare; put in; start
lägga fram bring in; produce lay out; put ready; spread
nominera bring forward; bring in; initiate; introduce; nominate; present; propose; raise
rendera render
ta in bring in; carry in absorb; hive; pick up; take in; take on; take up
- bring; clear; earn; fetch; gain; introduce; make; pull in; realise; realize; take in
OtherRelated TranslationsOther Translations
rendera bring in; yield

Synonyms for "bring in":

Related Definitions for "bring in":

  1. bring in a new person or object into a familiar environment1
  2. transmit1
  3. be sold for a certain price1
  4. submit (a verdict) to a court1
  5. earn on some commercial or business transaction; earn as salary or wages1

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