Detailed Translations for produce from English to Swedish


to produce verb (produces, produced, producing)

  1. to produce (bring in)
    inbringa; lägga fram; avkasta; hämta in
    • inbringa verb (inbringar, inbringade, inbringat)
    • lägga fram verb (lägger fram, lade fram, lagt fram)
    • avkasta verb (avkastar, avkastade, avkastat)
    • hämta in verb (hämtar in, hämtade in, hämtat in)
  2. to produce (manufacture; fabricate; construct; make)
    göra; producera; fabricera
    • göra verb (gör, gjorde, gjort)
    • producera verb (producerar, producerade, producerat)
    • fabricera verb (fabricerar, fabricerade, fabricerat)
  3. to produce (bring about; generate; bring forth; create)
    medföra; åstadkomma; framkalla; orsaka; vålla; föranleda
    • medföra verb (medför, medförde, medfört)
    • åstadkomma verb (åstadkommer, åstadkomm, åstadkommit)
    • framkalla verb (framkallar, framkallade, framkallat)
    • orsaka verb (orsakar, orsakade, orsakat)
    • vålla verb (vållar, vållade, vållat)
    • föranleda verb (föranleder, föranledde, föranlett)
  4. to produce (create; engender; cause; give rise to; provoke)
    • orsaka verb (orsakar, orsakade, orsakat)
  5. to produce (bring about; bring on; effect)
    åstadkomma; föranleda; få till stånd
    • åstadkomma verb (åstadkommer, åstadkomm, åstadkommit)
    • föranleda verb (föranleder, föranledde, föranlett)
    • få till stånd verb (får till stånd, fick till stånd, fått till stånd)
  6. to produce (take out; bring out; show)
    visa; ta fram; producera; frambringa
    • visa verb (visar, visade, visat)
    • ta fram verb (tar fram, tog fram, tagit fram)
    • producera verb (producerar, producerade, producerat)
    • frambringa verb (frambringar, frambringade, frambringat)

Conjugations for produce:

  1. produce
  2. produce
  3. produces
  4. produce
  5. produce
  6. produce
simple past
  1. produced
  2. produced
  3. produced
  4. produced
  5. produced
  6. produced
present perfect
  1. have produced
  2. have produced
  3. has produced
  4. have produced
  5. have produced
  6. have produced
past continuous
  1. was producing
  2. were producing
  3. was producing
  4. were producing
  5. were producing
  6. were producing
  1. shall produce
  2. will produce
  3. will produce
  4. shall produce
  5. will produce
  6. will produce
continuous present
  1. am producing
  2. are producing
  3. is producing
  4. are producing
  5. are producing
  6. are producing
  1. be produced
  2. be produced
  3. be produced
  4. be produced
  5. be produced
  6. be produced
  1. produce!
  2. let's produce!
  3. produced
  4. producing
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

produce [the ~] noun

  1. the produce (articles; ware; merchandise; )

Translation Matrix for produce:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
artiklar articles; goods; merchandise; produce; stuff; ware; wares articles; goods; items; stuff; things
fabricera creation; making; manufacture; product; production
gods articles; goods; merchandise; produce; stuff; ware; wares cargo; commodities; freight; goods; haul; load; loading; manor; manorial estate; merchandise; shipment; stuff; wares; weight
göra doing
handelsvaror articles; goods; merchandise; produce; stuff; ware; wares commodities; goods; merchandise; wares
produkter articles; goods; merchandise; produce; stuff; ware; wares
visa ballad; melody; show; song; tune
- garden truck; green goods; green groceries
VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
avkasta bring in; produce
fabricera construct; fabricate; make; manufacture; produce fabricate; fib; lie; make up
frambringa bring out; produce; show; take out accomplish; act; breed; bring forward; bring forwards; cultivate; do; introduce; raise; rear
framkalla bring about; bring forth; create; generate; produce develop; fabricate; make ready for construction
få till stånd bring about; bring on; effect; produce
föranleda bring about; bring forth; bring on; create; effect; generate; produce induce
göra construct; fabricate; make; manufacture; produce accomplish; act; do
hämta in bring in; produce
inbringa bring in; produce bring in; call in; get; obtain; take in
lägga fram bring in; produce lay out; put ready; spread
medföra bring about; bring forth; create; generate; produce implicate; imply
orsaka bring about; bring forth; cause; create; engender; generate; give rise to; produce; provoke cause; instigate
producera bring out; construct; fabricate; make; manufacture; produce; show; take out
ta fram bring out; produce; show; take out bring forwards; bring out; show
visa bring out; produce; show; take out assert; bring out; contend; demonstrate; display; exhibit; expand; indicate; offer; point; present; show; view
vålla bring about; bring forth; create; generate; produce
åstadkomma bring about; bring forth; bring on; create; effect; generate; produce accomplish; accumulate; bring about; effect; fulfil; fulfill; heap up; mount up; perform; pile up; realise; realize
- acquire; bring about; bring forth; bring on; bring out; create; develop; farm; get; give rise; grow; make; raise
OtherRelated TranslationsOther Translations
alstra manufacture; produce
framkalla cause; dvelope; evoke; induce; produce
regissera produce
tillverka make; manufacture; produce

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Synonyms for "produce":

Related Definitions for "produce":

  1. fresh fruits and vegetable grown for the market1
  2. come to have or undergo a change of (physical features and attributes)1
  3. create or manufacture a man-made product1
    • We produce more cars than we can sell1
  4. cultivate by growing, often involving improvements by means of agricultural techniques1
    • The Bordeaux region produces great red wines1
    • They produce good ham in Parma1
  5. bring forth or yield1
    • The tree would not produce fruit1
  6. cause to happen, occur or exist1
    • This procedure produces a curious effect1
    • These chemicals produce a noxious vapor1
  7. bring out for display1
    • The proud father produced many pictures of his baby1
  8. bring onto the market or release1
    • produce a movie1
    • produce a new play1

Wiktionary Translations for produce:

  1. to make or manufacture

Cross Translation:
produce avkasta abwerfenWirtschaft: Gewinn bringen; einbringen
produce tillverka; framställa anfertigen — etwas herstellen
produce uppbringa beibringen — etwas herbeiholen, beschaffen (als Beleg, Beweis für etwas)
produce producera; tillverka erzeugen — etw. herstellen
produce utvinna gewinnen — (transitiv) etwas aus einem Naturerzeugnis entstehen lassen, hervorbringen, produzieren
produce framställa herstellen — einen Gegenstand (gewerbsmäßig) anfertigen
produce frambringa hervorbringen — etwas mündlich sagen
produce skapa créertirer quelque chose du néant, faire de rien quelque chose.
produce operera; göra opéreraccomplir une œuvre, produire un effet.
produce alstra; producera produireengendrer, donner naissance.
produce realisera réaliser — construire

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