Detailed Translations for digest from English to Swedish


to digest verb (digests, digested, digesting)

  1. to digest (spend money; consume)
    konsumera; spendera pengar
    • konsumera verb (konsumerar, konsumerade, konsumerat)
    • spendera pengar verb (spenderar pengar, spenderade pengar, spenderat pengar)
  2. to digest (stomach; swallow)
    klara av; smälta; svälja; få ner
    • klara av verb (klarar av, klarade av, klarat av)
    • smälta verb (smälter, smälte, smält)
    • svälja verb (sväljer, sväljde, svalt)
    • få ner verb (får ner, fick ner, fått ner)

Conjugations for digest:

  1. digest
  2. digest
  3. digests
  4. digest
  5. digest
  6. digest
simple past
  1. digested
  2. digested
  3. digested
  4. digested
  5. digested
  6. digested
present perfect
  1. have digested
  2. have digested
  3. has digested
  4. have digested
  5. have digested
  6. have digested
past continuous
  1. was digesting
  2. were digesting
  3. was digesting
  4. were digesting
  5. were digesting
  6. were digesting
  1. shall digest
  2. will digest
  3. will digest
  4. shall digest
  5. will digest
  6. will digest
continuous present
  1. am digesting
  2. are digesting
  3. is digesting
  4. are digesting
  5. are digesting
  6. are digesting
  1. be digested
  2. be digested
  3. be digested
  4. be digested
  5. be digested
  6. be digested
  1. digest!
  2. let's digest!
  3. digested
  4. digesting
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

Translation Matrix for digest:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
smälta melt
- compilation
VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
få ner digest; stomach; swallow bring down; overthrow; overturn; topple
klara av digest; stomach; swallow bring it off; bring off; carry it out; cope; fix; manage; pull off
konsumera consume; digest; spend money consume; dispatch; eat; eat up; use; utilise; utilize
smälta digest; stomach; swallow dissolve; fuse; fuze; make melt; melt; melt away; run
spendera pengar consume; digest; spend money
svälja digest; stomach; swallow accumulate; bottle up; devour; gulp; gulp down; nibble; nybble; pen up; swallow; swallow up; take in
- concentrate; condense

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Related Definitions for "digest":

  1. something that is compiled (as into a single book or file)1
  2. a periodical that summarizes the news1
  3. soften or disintegrate by means of chemical action, heat, or moisture1
  4. make more concise1
  5. soften or disintegrate, as by undergoing exposure to heat or moisture1
  6. systematize, as by classifying and summarizing1
    • the government digested the entire law into a code1
  7. become assimilated into the body1
    • Protein digests in a few hours1
  8. arrange and integrate in the mind1
    • I cannot digest all this information1
  9. convert food into absorbable substances1
    • I cannot digest milk products1
  10. A message in a mailing list that is sent to subscribers in place of the multiple individual posts that the digest contains. If the mailing list is moderated, the digest may be edited.2

Wiktionary Translations for digest:

Cross Translation:
digest spjälka upp; bryta ner aufschließenBiologie, Chemie: einen schwerlöslichen Stoff (z. B. Sulfat) mit Hilfe geeigneter Substanzen in lösliche Verbindung überführen
digest förkortning; sammandrag abrégé — Écrit ou discours dans lequel on rendre d’une manière succincte ce qui est ou ce qui pouvoir être plus développer.
digest smälta digérer — Action d’élaborer la nourriture mangée