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  1. have left:


Detailed Translations for have left from English to Swedish

have left:

to have left verb (has left, had left, having left)

  1. to have left
    ha kvar
    • ha kvar verb (har kvar, hade kvar, haft kvar)
  2. to have left (economize; save; spare; moderate; economise)
    spara; inskränka utgifterna; inspara
    • spara verb (sparar, sparade, sparat)
    • inskränka utgifterna verb (inskränker utgifterna, inskränkte utgifterna, inskränkt utgifterna)
    • inspara verb (insparar, insparade, insparat)

Conjugations for have left:

  1. have left
  2. have left
  3. has left
  4. have left
  5. have left
  6. have left
simple past
  1. had left
  2. had left
  3. had left
  4. had left
  5. had left
  6. had left
present perfect
  1. have had left
  2. have had left
  3. has had left
  4. have had left
  5. have had left
  6. have had left
past continuous
  1. was having left
  2. were having left
  3. was having left
  4. were having left
  5. were having left
  6. were having left
  1. shall have left
  2. will have left
  3. will have left
  4. shall have left
  5. will have left
  6. will have left
continuous present
  1. am having left
  2. are having left
  3. is having left
  4. are having left
  5. are having left
  6. are having left
  1. be had left
  2. be had left
  3. be had left
  4. be had left
  5. be had left
  6. be had left
  1. have left!
  2. let's have left!
  3. had left
  4. having left
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

Translation Matrix for have left:

VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
ha kvar have left
inskränka utgifterna economise; economize; have left; moderate; save; spare
inspara economise; economize; have left; moderate; save; spare
spara economise; economize; have left; moderate; save; spare allocate; archivate; be economical; consider; document; economise; economize; file; make reservations; manage economically; moderate; organise; organize; put aside; put away; reserve; save; save up; set aside; spare; store; use less

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