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Detailed Translations for entrelazar from Spanish to English


entrelazar verb

  1. entrelazar (enlazar)
    to intertwine; to interlace; to interweave
    • intertwine verb (intertwines, intertwined, intertwining)
    • interlace verb (interlaces, interlaced, interlacing)
    • interweave verb (interweaves, interwove, interweaving)
  2. entrelazar (entretejer; tejer; trenzar)
    to plait in; to braid; to plait; to twine
    • plait in verb (plaits in, plaited in, plaiting in)
    • braid verb (braids, braided, braiding)
    • plait verb (plaits, plaited, plaiting)
    • twine verb (twines, twined, twining)
  3. entrelazar (entretejer; vincular; encerrar)
    to interweave; interconnect; to interlock
  4. entrelazar
    to interlace
    – To display a video frame in two fields. One field contains the even lines of the frame, the other field contains the odd lines. During playback, the lines in one field are displayed first, then the lines in the second field are displayed. 1
    • interlace verb (interlaces, interlaced, interlacing)

Conjugations for entrelazar:

  1. entrelazo
  2. entrelazas
  3. entrelaza
  4. entrelazamos
  5. entrelazáis
  6. entrelazan
  1. entrelazaba
  2. entrelazabas
  3. entrelazaba
  4. entrelazábamos
  5. entrelazabais
  6. entrelazaban
  1. entrelacé
  2. entrelazaste
  3. entrelazó
  4. entrelazamos
  5. entrelazasteis
  6. entrelazaron
fut. de ind.
  1. entrelazaré
  2. entrelazarás
  3. entrelazará
  4. entrelazaremos
  5. entrelazaréis
  6. entrelazarán
  1. entrelazaría
  2. entrelazarías
  3. entrelazaría
  4. entrelazaríamos
  5. entrelazaríais
  6. entrelazarían
pres. de subj.
  1. que entrelace
  2. que entrelaces
  3. que entrelace
  4. que entrelacemos
  5. que entrelacéis
  6. que entrelacen
imp. de subj.
  1. que entrelazara
  2. que entrelazaras
  3. que entrelazara
  4. que entrelazáramos
  5. que entrelazarais
  6. que entrelazaran
  1. ¡entrelaza!
  2. ¡entrelazad!
  3. ¡no entrelaces!
  4. ¡no entrelacéis!
  5. entrelazado
  6. entrelazando
1. yo, 2. tú, 3. él/ella/usted, 4. nosotros/nosotras, 5. vosotros/vosotras, 6. ellos/ellas/ustedes

Translation Matrix for entrelazar:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
braid galón; pasamano
interconnect interconexión
twine bramante; cordel
VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
braid entrelazar; entretejer; tejer; trenzar
interconnect encerrar; entrelazar; entretejer; vincular encerrar
interlace enlazar; entrelazar embrollar; enlazar; enmarañar; salpicar; tener en abundancia
interlock encerrar; entrelazar; entretejer; vincular encerrar
intertwine enlazar; entrelazar embrollar; enmarañar
interweave encerrar; enlazar; entrelazar; entretejer; vincular enlazar; entretejer; salpicar; tener en abundancia
plait entrelazar; entretejer; tejer; trenzar
plait in entrelazar; entretejer; tejer; trenzar
twine entrelazar; entretejer; tejer; trenzar enredarse

Synonyms for "entrelazar":

Wiktionary Translations for entrelazar:

  1. to combine two things through weaving
  2. To twine something together
  3. to cross one with another
  4. to cross one another as if woven together

Cross Translation:
entrelazar interlace; intertwine; entwine entrelacerenlacer l’un dans l’autre.
entrelazar braid; plait; twine; wreathe nattertresser en natte.
entrelazar weave; braid; plait; twine; wreathe tisser — Faire de la toile ou d’autres étoffes en croiser ou entrelacer sur un métier les fils dont elles devoir composer.
entrelazar braid; plait; twine; wreathe tressermettre, arranger en tresses.