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Detailed Translations for historial from Spanish to English


historial [el ~] noun

  1. el historial (curso de vida; conducta de vida)
    the curriculum vitae; the path of life; the course of life; the biography
  2. el historial
    the history
    – A list of the user's actions within a program, such as commands entered in an operating system shell, menus passed through using Gopher, or links followed using a Web browser. 1
  3. el historial
    the History list
    – A list of the last 10 files you jumped to in the current program session using hyperlinks. 1
  4. el historial
    the history
    – A record of all the changes to an object’s properties and relationships. History exists for all objects, such as configuration items and work items." 1

historial verb

  1. historial
    – Record of changes to a file or project since it was initially added to a Visual SourceSafe database. The database can return to any point in the file history and recover the file as it existed at that point. 1

Translation Matrix for historial:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
History list historial
biography conducta de vida; curso de vida; historial biografía; historia personal
course of life conducta de vida; curso de vida; historial
curriculum vitae conducta de vida; curso de vida; historial CV; Currículum Vitae; curriculum vitae; currículum vítae
history historial acontecimiento; antecedentes; armatoste; asunto poco claro; caso; chisme; ciencia histórica; historia; incidente; suceso
path of life conducta de vida; curso de vida; historial curso de vida; existencia
VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
history historial

Related Words for "historial":

  • historiales

Synonyms for "historial":

Wiktionary Translations for historial:

  1. computing: record of previous user events
  2. medicine: list of past and continuing medical conditions
  3. written account of one's education, accomplishments, etc.

Cross Translation:
historial history voorgeschiedenis — datgene wat de omstandigheden heeft helpen scheppen