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    • proprietary


Detailed Translations for eigenaar from Dutch to English


eigenaar [de ~ (m)] noun

  1. de eigenaar (houder; bezitter; drager)
    the holder; the owner; the proprietor; the bearer; the possessor
  2. de eigenaar
    the owner
    – In the Macintosh environment, an owner is the user responsible for setting permissions for a folder on a server. A Macintosh user who creates a folder on the server automatically becomes the owner of the folder, and can then transfer ownership to someone else. Each Macintosh-accessible volume on the server also has an owner. 1
  3. de eigenaar
    the owner
    – The user who is responsible for a particular record in the system. The owner is frequently allowed to perform actions on the record that other users cannot. 1

Translation Matrix for eigenaar:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
bearer bezitter; drager; eigenaar; houder bagagedrager; brenger; drager; kruier; lijkdrager; sjouwer; toonder
holder bezitter; drager; eigenaar; houder bak; bezitster; container; reservoir
owner bezitter; drager; eigenaar; houder
possessor bezitter; drager; eigenaar; houder bezitster; eigenares; vrouwelijke eigenaar
proprietor bezitter; drager; eigenaar; houder

Related Words for "eigenaar":

  • eigenaren, eigenaars

Wiktionary Translations for eigenaar:

  1. iemand wiens bezit iets is
  1. one who owns
  2. owner

Cross Translation:
eigenaar owner; proprietor; holder BesitzerRecht: die Person / Personen, die die tatsächliche Herrschaft über eine Sache ausüben
eigenaar owner propriétaire — Celui, celle à qui une chose appartenir en propriété.

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