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Detailed Translations for fase from Dutch to English


fase [de ~ (v)] noun

  1. de fase (ontwikkelingsfase; stadium)
    the phase; the developmental stage; the stage
  2. de fase (ontwikkelingsstadium; stadium)
    the phase; the development stage; the stage
  3. de fase
    the phase
    – A distinct division within a process model or product life cycle, typically a fundamental transition in the development of a product or service, culminating in a major or external milestone, or representing a fundamental transition in the development of a product or service. 1
  4. de fase
    the phase
    – A group of related tasks that completes a major step in a project. 1
  5. de fase (werkstroomfase)
    the stage; the workflow stage
    – An element of workflow logic that groups steps. Adding stages to a workflow does not affect how the steps function. Stages are purely for conceptual grouping of steps within complex workflows. 1

Translation Matrix for fase:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
development stage fase; ontwikkelingsstadium; stadium
developmental stage fase; ontwikkelingsfase; stadium
phase fase; ontwikkelingsfase; ontwikkelingsstadium; stadium
stage fase; ontwikkelingsfase; ontwikkelingsstadium; stadium; werkstroomfase etappe; parcoursetappe; podium; schouwtoneel; toneel; toneelpodium; toneelwezen
workflow stage fase; werkstroomfase
VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
phase faseren
stage ensceneren; faseren; huichelen; in scene zetten

Related Words for "fase":

  • fasen, fases

Wiktionary Translations for fase:

  1. periode als onderdeel van een langere ontwikkeling
  1. distinguishable part of a sequence
  2. astronomy: particular appearance or state in a regularly recurring cycle
  3. physics: any one point or portion in a recurring series of changes

Cross Translation:
fase phase PhaseMathematik: \varphi in der Darstellung der komplexen Zahl r \cdot e^{\mathrm{i}\varphi}
fase phase Phase — stetig verlaufender Entwicklungsabschnitt oder stetiger zeitlicher Ablauf
fase phase PhasePhysik: Schwingungsversatz zweier gleichfrequent oszillierender Größen, insbesondere Wechselspannungen
fase phase PhasePhysik: Schwingungsversatz einer Welle an einer bestimmten Stelle und zu einem bestimmten Zeitpunkt
fase phase PhaseAstronomie: veränderlicher Beleuchtungszustand eines nicht selbst leuchtenden Himmelskörpers
fase phase phase — cycle en astronomie
fase phase phase — états successifs