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Detailed Translations for barn from Swedish to English


barn [-ett] noun

  1. barn
    the infant; the child; the lass; the little girl; the little child
  2. barn
    the child
  3. barn
    the child
    – An account holder who is a family member, but not a parent, and who has limited use of the Internet. Children can view their own settings, but they can't change them. 1

Translation Matrix for barn:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
child barn baby; gullunge; litet barn; näbbgäda; näbbig flicka; spädbarn; underordnad; underordnat element; underordnat objekt
infant barn baby; bebisar; gullunge; litet barn; näbbgäda; näbbig flicka; spädbarn; suglingar
lass barn flicka; tjej; ung dam
little child barn baby; litet barn; spädbarn
little girl barn gullunge; litet barn; näbbgäda; näbbig flicka
OtherRelated TranslationsOther Translations
child avkomling
lass jänta
little girl tutta

Synonyms for "barn":

Wiktionary Translations for barn:

  1. (computing) object which has a subservient or derivative role relative to another object
  2. a minor
  3. a female or male child, a daughter or son
  4. unit

Cross Translation:
barn child Kindheranwachsender Mensch, kein Baby mehr, aber noch kein Jugendlicher
barn child; offspring Kind — Mensch, mit Bezug auf seine familiäre Zugehörigkeit (Beziehung der Abkommenschaft)
barn child Kind — vertrauliche Anrede
barn barn barn — eenheid van oppervlakte in de atoomfysica, 10−28
barn barn barn — métrologie|nocat=1 physique|fr unité servant à mesurer une section efficace qui équivaut à 10-28m2.

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