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Detailed Translations for sula from Swedish to Dutch


sula [-en] noun

  1. sula (tjej; puma; brud; böna)
    de griet
  2. sula (sjötunga)
    de schoenzool
  3. sula
    de zool

Translation Matrix for sula:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
griet brud; böna; puma; sula; tjej
schoenzool sjötunga; sula
zool sula

Wiktionary Translations for sula:

Cross Translation:
sula jan-van-gent booby — bird
sula zool; voetzool sole — bottom of the foot
sula zool; schoenzool sole — bottom of a shoe or boot
sula tong; zeetong sole — fish
sula zolen sole — put a sole on (a shoe or boot)

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