Detailed Translations for guard from English to Swedish


guard [the ~] noun

  1. the guard (accompaniment; escort)
  2. the guard (usher; attendant; warder; )
    vakt; vaktmästare
  3. the guard
    skydd; vakt; bevakning
  4. the guard
  5. the guard (watchman; patrol)
  6. the guard (watchman)
    väktare; vaktpost
  7. the guard (doorman; porter; doorkeeper; )
  8. the guard (warder; watchman; sentry)
  9. the guard (cowcatcher)
  10. the guard (watch; wake)
  11. the guard (someone who is alert; watcher; watchman)
  12. the guard
    – In a statechart or activity diagram, a condition that specifies when an event can take place. Whenever its event fires, a guard is evaluated only once. 1

to guard verb (guards, guarded, guarding)

  1. to guard (watch over; monitor)
    övervaka; se till; beskåda; åse
    • övervaka verb (övervakar, övervakade, övervakat)
    • se till verb (ser till, såg till, sett till)
    • beskåda verb (beskådar, beskådade, beskådat)
    • åse verb (åser, åsåg, åsett)
  2. to guard (protect)
    • bevaka verb (bevakar, bevakade, bevakat)
  3. to guard (keep watch over)
    vakta; bevaka; övervaka; hålla vakt över
    • vakta verb (vaktar, vaktade, vaktat)
    • bevaka verb (bevakar, bevakade, bevakat)
    • övervaka verb (övervakar, övervakade, övervakat)
    • hålla vakt över verb (håller vakt över, höll vakt över, hållit vakt över)
  4. to guard (protect; herd; safeguard; watch over; shield)
    vakta; skydda; beskydda
    • vakta verb (vaktar, vaktade, vaktat)
    • skydda verb (skyddar, skyddade, skyddat)
    • beskydda verb (beskyddar, beskyddade, beskyddat)
  5. to guard (be careful of)
    vara rädd om; slå vakt om
    • vara rädd om verb (är rädd om, var rädd om, varit rädd om)
    • slå vakt om verb (slår vakt om, slog vakt om, slagit vakt om)
  6. to guard (equip with an alarm system; secure; safeguard; protect)
    alarmera; förse med alarmsystem
    • alarmera verb (alarmerar, alarmerade, alarmerat)
    • förse med alarmsystem verb (förser med alarmsystem, försåg med alarmsystem, försett med alarmsystem)
  7. to guard (protect; preserve; shield; save)
    bevara; skydda; vakta
    • bevara verb (bevarar, bevarade, bevarat)
    • skydda verb (skyddar, skyddade, skyddat)
    • vakta verb (vaktar, vaktade, vaktat)
  8. to guard (keep watch over; herd; safeguard; protect)
    vakta över
    • vakta över verb (vaktar över, vaktade över, vaktat över)

Conjugations for guard:

  1. guard
  2. guard
  3. guards
  4. guard
  5. guard
  6. guard
simple past
  1. guarded
  2. guarded
  3. guarded
  4. guarded
  5. guarded
  6. guarded
present perfect
  1. have guarded
  2. have guarded
  3. has guarded
  4. have guarded
  5. have guarded
  6. have guarded
past continuous
  1. was guarding
  2. were guarding
  3. was guarding
  4. were guarding
  5. were guarding
  6. were guarding
  1. shall guard
  2. will guard
  3. will guard
  4. shall guard
  5. will guard
  6. will guard
continuous present
  1. am guarding
  2. are guarding
  3. is guarding
  4. are guarding
  5. are guarding
  6. are guarding
  1. be guarded
  2. be guarded
  3. be guarded
  4. be guarded
  5. be guarded
  6. be guarded
  1. guard!
  2. let's guard!
  3. guarded
  4. guarding
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

Translation Matrix for guard:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
att vara uppmärksam guard; someone who is alert; watcher; watchman
banskjutare cowcatcher; guard
bevakning guard care; control; monitoring; observation; supervision; surveillance; watch
få sällskap utav accompaniment; escort; guard
hålla vakten guard; wake; watch
någon som är alert guard; someone who is alert; watcher; watchman
portier attendant; doorkeeper; doorman; guard; porter; sentry; warder; watchman
skydd guard asylum; cloak; cover; covers; crisis centre; defence; defense; front; guarantee; lean-to's; patronage; protection; protections; refuge; retreat; roofs; safeguard; safeguarding; safety; safety zone; secure; security; sheds; shelter; shelters
vakt attendant; bodyguard; guard; sentry; usher; warder; watchman post; sentry
vaktmästare attendant; bodyguard; guard; sentry; usher; warder; watchman aide; attendant; attendants; caretaker; caretakers; doorkeeper; hall porter; janitor
vaktpost guard; watchman post; sentry
väktare guard; patrol; watchman curator; field security; guardian; security police; security service; tutor
- guard duty; precaution; safeguard; safety; safety device; sentry duty; sentry go
VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
alarmera equip with an alarm system; guard; protect; safeguard; secure alarm; disquiet; frighten; oppress
beskydda guard; herd; protect; safeguard; shield; watch over patronise; patronize
beskåda guard; monitor; watch over
bevaka guard; keep watch over; protect keep an eye on; look on; monitor; observe; spectate; watch
bevara guard; preserve; protect; save; shield conserve; cure; keep; keep up; lay up; maintain; preserve; protect; put up; save; secure; stock; store
förse med alarmsystem equip with an alarm system; guard; protect; safeguard; secure
hålla vakt över guard; keep watch over
se till guard; monitor; watch over arrange; fix; order; regulate; settle
skydda guard; herd; preserve; protect; safeguard; save; shield; watch over cover; fence in; fence off; hide; lock up; protect; refuge; shelter
slå vakt om be careful of; guard
vakta guard; herd; keep watch over; preserve; protect; safeguard; save; shield; watch over
vakta över guard; herd; keep watch over; protect; safeguard
vara rädd om be careful of; guard
åse guard; monitor; watch over look on; monitor; observe; watch
övervaka guard; keep watch over; monitor; watch over be on one's guard; keep and eye on; monitor; overlook; patrol; supervise; watch
- defend; hold; ward
OtherRelated TranslationsOther Translations
gard guard
gardera cover; guard; safeguard
gardering guard
hägna guard; protect
vakthållning guard; guarding; patrol; patrolling; watch duty
vaktkonstapel guard; warder
vaktstyrka guard

Related Words for "guard":

Synonyms for "guard":

Related Definitions for "guard":

  1. a position on a basketball team2
  2. (American football) a position on the line of scrimmage2
    • guards must be good blockers2
  3. the duty of serving as a sentry2
    • he was on guard that night2
  4. a precautionary measure warding off impending danger or damage or injury etc.2
    • we let our guard down2
  5. a device designed to prevent injury or accidents2
  6. a posture of defence in boxing or fencing2
    • keep your guard up2
  7. a military unit serving to protect some place or person2
  8. the person who plays that position on a football team2
    • the left guard was injured on the play2
  9. a person who keeps watch over something or someone2
  10. the person who plays the position of guard on a basketball team2
  11. watch over or shield from danger or harm; protect2
    • guard my possessions while I'm away2
  12. protect against a challenge or attack2
  13. to keep watch over2
    • there would be men guarding the horses2
  14. take precautions in order to avoid some unwanted consequence2
    • guard against becoming too friendly with the staff2
    • guard against infection2
  15. In a statechart or activity diagram, a condition that specifies when an event can take place. Whenever its event fires, a guard is evaluated only once.1

Wiktionary Translations for guard:

  1. To protect from some offence
  1. person who or thing that protects something

Cross Translation:
guard fångvaktare; plit Aufseher — jemand der Personen (meist: unter Zwang gehaltene Personen) beaufsichtigen
guard bevaka bewachen — über jemanden oder über etwas wachen
guard gardera sig; skydda sig deckensich decken (Sport): sich mit den Armen und ggf. Gegenständen vor Treffern schützen
guard konduktör conducteur — een medewerker van de spoorwegen die reizigers op vervoersbewijzen controleert en de orde in de trein of tram dient te bewaren
guard vaktare; väktare garde — Traductions à trier suivant le sens
guard vakta garder — Surveiller étroitement.
guard vaktare; väktare gardienpersonne qui garder, qui surveiller, qui défendre.
guard beskydda; freda; skydda; värja; värna; vakta protégerprendre la défense de quelqu’un, de quelque chose ; prêter secours et appui.
guard skydda; bevara préserver — préserver

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