Detailed Translations for course from English to Spanish


course [the ~] noun

  1. the course (instruction; education; lesson; )
    la educación; la clase; la enseñanza
  2. the course (study)
    el estudios; el curso; la carrera; el cursillo
  3. the course (direction)
    la dirección; el rumbo
  4. the course (direction)
    la dirección; la ruta; el viaje circular; la punta; el borde; la junta directiva
  5. the course (dish; fare; food)
    el plato; la comida; el guiso; el alimento
  6. the course (lesson hour; lesson; class)
    la lección; la clase; el cursillo; la hora; el estudios; el curso; la hora de clase; el aula
  7. the course (track)
    el recorrido; el circuito
  8. the course (meal; dish)
    la comida; el almuerzo
  9. the course
    el desarollo; el curso; la marcha; el transcurso
  10. the course (method; way; methodology; manner; mode)
    el método; la manera; la forma; el modo de obrar; el modo; el estilo
  11. the course (educational programme; curriculum)
    el programa de enseñanza; la clase; la lección

course adv

  1. course (lapse)

to course verb (courses, coursed, coursing)

  1. to course (result; stream; flow)

Conjugations for course:

  1. course
  2. course
  3. courses
  4. course
  5. course
  6. course
simple past
  1. coursed
  2. coursed
  3. coursed
  4. coursed
  5. coursed
  6. coursed
present perfect
  1. have coursed
  2. have coursed
  3. has coursed
  4. have coursed
  5. have coursed
  6. have coursed
past continuous
  1. was coursing
  2. were coursing
  3. was coursing
  4. were coursing
  5. were coursing
  6. were coursing
  1. shall course
  2. will course
  3. will course
  4. shall course
  5. will course
  6. will course
continuous present
  1. am coursing
  2. are coursing
  3. is coursing
  4. are coursing
  5. are coursing
  6. are coursing
  1. be coursed
  2. be coursed
  3. be coursed
  4. be coursed
  5. be coursed
  6. be coursed
  1. course!
  2. let's course!
  3. coursed
  4. coursing
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

Translation Matrix for course:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
alimento course; dish; fare; food eatables; edibles; feeding; food; nourishment; nutrition; provisions; victuals
almuerzo course; dish; meal cold lunch; lunch; luncheon; packed lunch; packed meal
aula class; course; lesson; lesson hour class; classroom; lecture hall; lecture room; subject room
borde course; direction bank; border; circumference; collar; contour; drip molding; drip moulding; edge; embankment; flank; frame work; fringe; hair ribbon; headband; noise level; outline; picture frame; ribbon; rim; seam; shore; side; sound intensity; sound level; sound volume; trim; trimming; volume; waterfront; weather board; weather molding; wing; wing of a building
carrera course; study competition; contest; experience; game; hurrying; marathon; match; play; practice; practise; race; routine; run; running; set; skill; sprints; trotting
circuito course; track circuit; circular course; cycle; racing track; round
clase class; course; curriculum; education; educational programme; instruction; lesson; lesson hour; teaching; tuition category; class; classification; classroom; college; genre; grade; group; instruction; kind; lecture; lecture hall; lecture room; lesson; object class; party; position; school year; social class; social group; social position; sort; style; subject room; tuition; type
comida course; dish; fare; food; meal eatables; edibles; feeding; food; nourishment; nutrition; provisions; victuals
cursillo class; course; lesson; lesson hour; study
curso class; course; lesson; lesson hour; study class
desarollo course
dirección course; direction address; addressing; board; board of directors; board of managers; cable; command; committee; conducting; direction; directorate; directorship; e-mail address; email address; front position; internet e-mail address; lead; leading; management; policy; politics; régie; stage-management; strategy; supervision; tactic; taking the lead; wire
educación course; curriculum; education; instruction; lesson; teaching; tuition civility; college; correctness; cultivation; decency; development; drill; drilling; education; evolvement; exactitude; exercise; instruction; lesson; politeness; practice; practise; qualification; rightness; schooling; teaching; training; tuition; upbringing; urban character; urbanity
enseñanza course; curriculum; education; instruction; lesson; teaching; tuition assignment; command; cue; education; instruction; motto; order; parole; schooling; shibboleth; teaching; training; upbringing
estilo course; manner; method; methodology; mode; way allure; appearance; style
estudios class; course; lesson; lesson hour; study drill; exercise; experience; practice; practise; routine; skill; studies; studio; studying; training
forma course; manner; method; methodology; mode; way be in good shape; build; cast; casting; casting mould; condition; conversion rate; course of action; course of behaviour; currency; etiquette; exchange rate; figure; fit; form; formulating; ghost; good manners; gypsum; line of conduct; mannerliness; matrix; mold; posture; rate; rate of exchange; shadow; shape; silhouette; size; stature; value
guiso course; dish; fare; food
hora class; course; lesson; lesson hour age; date; epoch; era; hour; moment; period; time
hora de clase class; course; lesson; lesson hour class; hour
junta directiva course; direction Board of Directors; Board of Governors; board of directors; management
lección class; course; curriculum; educational programme; lesson; lesson hour class; instruction; lecture; lesson; tuition
manera course; manner; method; methodology; mode; way bearing; behavior; behaviour; casting mould; conduct; course of action; course of behaviour; demeanor; demeanour; deportment; line of conduct; marathon; matrix; mold; race; run; sprints; way of behaving
marcha course advance; aisle; alley; campaign; ceremony; demonstration; depart; dope; driving speed; drugs; flight; gangway; gymnastics; haste; hastiness; hiking; hurry; leave; march; military walking; narcotics; overhaste; passage; physical exercise; procession; protest; public protest; quickness; rally; rambling; rapidity; rite; rush; speed; tempo; tour; velocity
modo course; manner; method; methodology; mode; way bearing; behavior; behaviour; conduct; course of action; course of behaviour; demeanor; demeanour; deportment; line of conduct; melody; mode; song; tune; way of behaving
modo de obrar course; manner; method; methodology; mode; way
método course; manner; method; methodology; mode; way course of action; course of behaviour; line of conduct; method; procedure
plato course; dish; fare; food black board; cash for playing; chalk board; clay pigeon; dinner plate; feed box; food bowl; plate; pool; shell; stakes; trough; wee-wee; wrapper
proceso case; judicial proceeding; lawsuit; legal suit; litigation; procedure; proceedings; process; trial
programa de enseñanza course; curriculum; educational programme teaching curriculum
punta course; direction clue; crest; cue; culmination; date; far end; hilltop; hint; lead; moment; peak; point; pointer; summmit; terminus; tip; tip-off; upper edge; upper side
recorrido course; track drive; excursion; journey; outing; tour; trip; voyage
rumbo course; direction rhumb-line
ruta course; direction itinerary; route; tour; travelling plan; travelling route; travelling-plan
transcurso course
viaje circular course; direction
- class; course of action; course of instruction; course of study; form; grade; line; path; row; track; trend
VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
proceder de course; flow; result; stream arise from; descend from; sprout from
resultar de course; flow; result; stream be fulfilled; come true
- feed; flow; run
AdverbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
- naturally; of course
Not SpecifiedRelated TranslationsOther Translations
borde border
forma shape
OtherRelated TranslationsOther Translations
- channel; fairway; navigable course; navigable passage; passage; thoroughfare; track; way
ModifierRelated TranslationsOther Translations
curso course; lapse
proceso course; lapse
recorrido well travelled

Related Words for "course":

Synonyms for "course":

Antonyms for "course":

  • unnaturally

Related Definitions for "course":

  1. as might be expected1
  2. a mode of action1
    • if you persist in that course you will surely fail1
  3. education imparted in a series of lessons or meetings1
    • he took a course in basket weaving1
  4. facility consisting of a circumscribed area of land or water laid out for a sport1
    • the course had only nine holes1
    • the course was less than a mile1
  5. (construction) a layer of masonry1
    • a course of bricks1
  6. part of a meal served at one time1
    • she prepared a three course meal1
  7. a body of students who are taught together1
  8. a connected series of events or actions or developments1
    • the government took a firm course1
  9. general line of orientation1
    • the river takes a southern course1
  10. a line or route along which something travels or moves1
    • the course of the river1
  11. hunt with hounds1
    • He often courses hares1
  12. move along, of liquids1
  13. move swiftly through or over1
    • ships coursing the Atlantic1
  14. A series of classes that cover aspects of a subject area.2

Wiktionary Translations for course:

  1. Flow
  2. Pursue
  1. path taken by a waterway
  2. direction of movement of a vessel
  3. intended passage for ship
  4. trajectory of a ball etc.
  5. period of learning
  6. part of a meal
  7. itinerary of a race
  8. onward movement

Cross Translation:
course trivial triviaalgewoon
course plato gang — onderdeel van een maaltijd
course plato GangGastronomie: ein einzelnes Gericht einer Speisenfolge
course transcurso VerlaufAbfolge von Geschehnissen oder Handlungen
course camino; vía chemin — Zone sur laquelle on circule
course curso cours — enseignement, classe
course curso cours — action de courir
course plato plat — Mets
course plato; fuente platpièce de vaisselle, à fond plat destinée à contenir les mets qu’on servir sur la table.
course carretera; pista; calzada; arroyo; camino; vía; ruta routeTraductions à trier suivant le sens.
course trayectoria trajectoire — (mathématiques) ligne décrire par le centre de gravité d’un corps ou d’un système de corps en mouvement.

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