Detailed Translations for cultivation from English to Spanish


cultivation [the ~] noun

  1. the cultivation (development; evolvement; education)
    el desarrollo; la formación mental; la educación
  2. the cultivation (culture; reproduction; breeding; )
    la cría; la producción; el cultivo
  3. the cultivation (culture)
    la cultura; el cultivo
  4. the cultivation (overgrowth; covering)
    el cultivos; la vegetación
  5. the cultivation (tillage)

Translation Matrix for cultivation:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
cría breeding; cultivation; culture; growing; growth; multiplication; production; reproduction baby; brood; children; descendants; infant; kid; kiddy; little child; little kid; nipper; offspring; progeny; rabble; scum; small child; small one; successors; tike; tiny tot; toddler; tot; tyke; young animals
cultivo breeding; cultivation; culture; growing; growth; multiplication; production; reproduction breeding; building; construction; crop; cultivated plants; cultivating; edifice; growing; lot; plant; plantation; planting; premises; rabble; raise; raising; rear; scum; structure; vegetation
cultivo de tierra cultivation; tillage
cultivos covering; cultivation; overgrowth cultivated crops; cultures
cultura cultivation; culture culture
desarrollo cultivation; development; education; evolvement adverse wind; contrary wind; development; diversion; diversionary tactic; expansion; full growth; growth; increase in scale; maturity; objection; opposition; rebellion; red herring; resistance; revolt; riot; ripeness; river source; scale up; scenario; screenplay; source; spring
educación cultivation; development; education; evolvement civility; college; correctness; course; curriculum; decency; drill; drilling; education; exactitude; exercise; instruction; lesson; politeness; practice; practise; qualification; rightness; schooling; teaching; training; tuition; upbringing; urban character; urbanity
formación mental cultivation; development; education; evolvement
producción breeding; cultivation; culture; growing; growth; multiplication; production; reproduction begetting; brand; fabrication; make; making; manufacture; procreation; production
vegetación covering; cultivation; overgrowth crop; cultivated plants; planting; vegetation
- culture; finish; polish; refinement

Related Words for "cultivation":

Synonyms for "cultivation":

Related Definitions for "cultivation":

  1. (agriculture) production of food by preparing the land to grow crops (especially on a large scale)1
  2. the act of raising or growing plants (especially on a large scale)1
  3. socialization through training and education to develop one's mind or manners1
    • her cultivation was remarkable1
  4. the process of fostering the growth of something1
    • the cultivation of bees for honey1
  5. a highly developed state of perfection; having a flawless or impeccable quality1

Wiktionary Translations for cultivation:

  1. devotion of time or attention to the improvement of
  2. art or act of cultivating

Cross Translation:
cultivation educación BildungAneignen, Aufbau von Wissen, Fähigkeiten, Fertigkeiten; Geisteskultur
cultivation cultivo Anbau — Kultivierung von Nutz- oder Zierpflanzen
cultivation procesamiento; operación; elaboración; adaptación; cultivo bewerking — een verandering om iets voor een bepaald doel geschikt te maken

cultivation form of cultivate:

to cultivate verb (cultivates, cultivated, cultivating)

  1. to cultivate (breed; clone)
  2. to cultivate (civilize; civilise)
  3. to cultivate (breed; raise; rear)
  4. to cultivate (develop)

Conjugations for cultivate:

  1. cultivate
  2. cultivate
  3. cultivates
  4. cultivate
  5. cultivate
  6. cultivate
simple past
  1. cultivated
  2. cultivated
  3. cultivated
  4. cultivated
  5. cultivated
  6. cultivated
present perfect
  1. have cultivated
  2. have cultivated
  3. has cultivated
  4. have cultivated
  5. have cultivated
  6. have cultivated
past continuous
  1. was cultivating
  2. were cultivating
  3. was cultivating
  4. were cultivating
  5. were cultivating
  6. were cultivating
  1. shall cultivate
  2. will cultivate
  3. will cultivate
  4. shall cultivate
  5. will cultivate
  6. will cultivate
continuous present
  1. am cultivating
  2. are cultivating
  3. is cultivating
  4. are cultivating
  5. are cultivating
  6. are cultivating
  1. be cultivated
  2. be cultivated
  3. be cultivated
  4. be cultivated
  5. be cultivated
  6. be cultivated
  1. cultivate!
  2. let's cultivate!
  3. cultivated
  4. cultivating
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

Translation Matrix for cultivate:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
civilizar civilizing; cultivating; polishing; refining
cultivar civilizing; cultivating; polishing; refining
engendrar alluring; provoking
fomentar cultivating; improvements; stimulations
parir dropping young
VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
civilizar civilise; civilize; cultivate
criar breed; clone; cultivate breastfeed; breastfeed a baby; bring up; educate; nurse; raise; rear; suckle
cultivar breed; clone; cultivate build on; develop; hatch out; unfold
engendrar breed; clone; cultivate aggravate; arouse; boost; cause; create; encourage; encourage someone; engender; give rise to; hatch out; incite; inspire; motivate; motivate someone; produce; provoke; push on; put someone on to something; stimulate; urge
explotar cultivate; develop blow to pieces; blow up; bring about; burst; crack; crush; develop; effect; explode; exploit; make or let explode; realise; realize; reclaim; shatter; snap; squeeze; take advantage of; unfold
fomentar breed; clone; cultivate fan; foment; glance; incite; just touch; stir; stir up; tag; tap; tick; touch; touch upon
generar breed; clone; cultivate
originar breed; clone; cultivate bring about; bring on; cause; create; effect; engender; give rise to; hatch out; produce; provoke
parir breed; cultivate; raise; rear bred; bring a child into the world; bring forth; calve; drop young; give birth; give birth to; litter; produce young
plantar breed; clone; cultivate implant; plant
- civilise; civilize; crop; domesticate; educate; naturalise; naturalize; school; tame; train; work
OtherRelated TranslationsOther Translations
- see to; tend

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Synonyms for "cultivate":

Related Definitions for "cultivate":

  1. adapt (a wild plant or unclaimed land) to the environment1
  2. prepare for crops1
    • cultivate the land1
  3. foster the growth of1
  4. teach or refine to be discriminative in taste or judgment1

Wiktionary Translations for cultivate:

  1. grow plants, notably crops

Cross Translation:
cultivate cultivar verbouwen — planten telen
cultivate cultivar telen — door nauwgezette verzorging doen groeien
cultivate labrar; cultivar bebouwen — landbouwgrond bewerken
cultivate cultivar; plantar anbauenLandwirtschaft: Nutzpflanzen auf einem Feld oder einem Beet anpflanzen, um sie später zu ernten
cultivate cultivar umbestellenveraltet, (transitiv) Land durch Bearbeitung umgestalten
cultivate cultivar cultivertravailler une terre pour la rendre plus fertile et pour améliorer ses productions.
cultivate forzar; acelerar; activar; adelantar; apresurar; cultivar en invernáculo forcerbriser, rompre, ouvrir quelque chose avec violence.

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