Detailed Translations for crimp from English to Spanish


to crimp verb (crimps, crimped, crimping)

  1. to crimp (recruit; conscript; shanghai)

Conjugations for crimp:

  1. crimp
  2. crimp
  3. crimps
  4. crimp
  5. crimp
  6. crimp
simple past
  1. crimped
  2. crimped
  3. crimped
  4. crimped
  5. crimped
  6. crimped
present perfect
  1. have crimped
  2. have crimped
  3. has crimped
  4. have crimped
  5. have crimped
  6. have crimped
past continuous
  1. was crimping
  2. were crimping
  3. was crimping
  4. were crimping
  5. were crimping
  6. were crimping
  1. shall crimp
  2. will crimp
  3. will crimp
  4. shall crimp
  5. will crimp
  6. will crimp
continuous present
  1. am crimping
  2. are crimping
  3. is crimping
  4. are crimping
  5. are crimping
  6. are crimping
  1. be crimped
  2. be crimped
  3. be crimped
  4. be crimped
  5. be crimped
  6. be crimped
  1. crimp!
  2. let's crimp!
  3. crimped
  4. crimping
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

crimp [the ~] noun

  1. the crimp (shrinkage)
    la carencia; la contracción; la disminución
  2. the crimp (recruiter; crimper)
    – someone who tricks or coerces men into service as sailors or soldiers 1
    el reclutador
  3. the crimp (recruitress)
    la reclutadora; la alistadora

Translation Matrix for crimp:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
alistadora crimp; recruitress
carencia crimp; shrinkage blank; deficiency; deficit; deprivation; disability; failure; famine; gap; handicap; hardship; hiatus; insufficiency; lack; lacuna; needyness; paucity; physical defect; poverty; scantiness; scarcity; shortage; shortcoming; shortfall; shrinkage; tightness; void; want
contracción crimp; shrinkage chain; coming together; concentration; contraction; convulsion; convulsive movement; fit; labour pain; sequence; series; shrinkage; spasm; woe
disminución crimp; shrinkage allowance; crash; cut; decline; decrease; deduct; deduction; degradation; demotion; diminishing; diminution; discount; disrating; downfall; fall; inventory decrease; lessening; rebate; reduction; relief; shrinkage; toning down; weakening
enganchar hook on
reclutador crimp; crimper; recruiter
reclutadora crimp; recruitress
- bend; crease; crimper; flexure; fold; plication
VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
alistar conscript; crimp; recruit; shanghai
enganchar conscript; crimp; recruit; shanghai affix; attach; attach to; clamp; clasp; clutch; connect; couple; crochet; fasten; glue; glue together; grasp; grip; hitch on to; hook on to; hook together; link up; paste in; paste on; paste together; prestress; seize; suture
enrolar conscript; crimp; recruit; shanghai
- crape; frizz; frizzle; kink; kink up; pinch

Related Words for "crimp":

  • crimping, crimps

Synonyms for "crimp":

Related Definitions for "crimp":

  1. a lock of hair that has been artificially waved or curled1
  2. someone who tricks or coerces men into service as sailors or soldiers1
  3. an angular or rounded shape made by folding1
  4. curl tightly1
    • crimp hair1
  5. make ridges into by pinching together1

Wiktionary Translations for crimp:

Cross Translation:
crimp rizarse kroezen — sterk krullen van haar
crimp erizar; crispar kräuseln — sich ringeln und spitzig werden, etwas zarte Wellen entstehen lassen