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sequence [the ~] noun

  1. the sequence (chain; series; concatenation; string; succession)
    la serie; el encadenamiento; la sucesión; la sarta; el eslabonamiento
  2. the sequence (succession)
    la sucesión
  3. the sequence (succession)
    la sucesión; la serie
  4. the sequence
    la secuencia; la serie; el ciclo; la continuación
  5. the sequence
    la continuación; la secuencia; la parte siguiente
  6. the sequence (cyclus; chain; row)
    el ciclo; la serie
  7. the sequence (series; string; chain; succession)
    la serie; la encadenamiento; la fila; el orden
  8. the sequence (series; row)
    la serie; la secuencia; la sucesión
  9. the sequence (concentration; chain; coming together; series)
    la contracción
  10. the sequence (series; string; chain)
    la serie; la gama; la sucesión; el orden; la cola; la fila; la hilera; la sarta; la encadenamiento; la progresión; el eslabonamiento
  11. the sequence
    – An instance of a queryable type. 1
    la secuencia

Translation Matrix for sequence:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
ciclo chain; cyclus; row; sequence chain; chainlet; circlet; circular course; cycle; ring; round; row
cola chain; sequence; series; string adhesive; deposit; file; glue; line; patina; queue; rank; row
continuación sequence continuation; continuing; duration; film sequence; future; lasting; length; sequel
contracción chain; coming together; concentration; sequence; series contraction; convulsion; convulsive movement; crimp; fit; labour pain; shrinkage; spasm; woe
encadenamiento chain; concatenation; sequence; series; string; succession
eslabonamiento chain; concatenation; sequence; series; string; succession
fila chain; sequence; series; string; succession bar of chocolate; classification; classifying; file; joint; line; order of rank; rank; record; row
gama chain; sequence; series; string chain; chainlet; chromatic spectrum; circlet; colour scale; gamma; gamut; range of colouring; ring; row; scale; spectrum
hilera chain; sequence; series; string chain; chainlet; circlet; ring; row; string; trail; weft; wisp
orden chain; sequence; series; string; succession announcement; assignment; building; by-law; candor; candour; chicanery; civility; command; construction; courtesy; courtliness; decency; decision; defining; detachment; determination; discipline; establishment; etiquette; existing order; faultlessness; file; fixing; frankness; fuss; gallantry; good breeding; good manners; hassle; hotchpotch; impeccability; instruction; irreprochability; joint; joy; jumble; light-heartedness; line; manners; medley; merriment; mirth; mishmash; neatness; notification; open-heartedness; order; orderliness; ordinance; perfection; pleasure; propriety; purity; rank; regularity; regulation; regulations; respectability; row; rules; soundness; spotlessness; stainlessness; submission; subpoena; summons; tidiness; trouble making
parte siguiente sequence film sequence
progresión chain; sequence; series; string chain; chainlet; circlet; ring; row
sarta chain; concatenation; sequence; series; string; succession string; trail; weft; wisp
secuencia row; sequence; series chain; chainlet; circlet; film sequence; ring; row; stream
serie chain; concatenation; cyclus; row; sequence; series; string; succession barge train; chain; chainlet; circlet; file; gamma; gamut; joint; line; rank; ring; row; scale; spectrum; train
sucesión chain; concatenation; row; sequence; series; string; succession chain; chainlet; circlet; inheritance; legacy; ring; row; succession
- chronological sequence; chronological succession; episode; succession; successiveness
Not SpecifiedRelated TranslationsOther Translations
orden Z order; order; stack order; z order; z-order
OtherRelated TranslationsOther Translations
- after-effect; complication; succession; suite

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Related Definitions for "sequence":

  1. the action of following in order2
    • he played the trumps in sequence2
  2. film consisting of a succession of related shots that develop a given subject in a movie2
  3. a following of one thing after another in time2
    • the doctor saw a sequence of patients2
  4. several repetitions of a melodic phrase in different keys2
  5. serial arrangement in which things follow in logical order or a recurrent pattern2
    • the sequence of names was alphabetical2
    • he invented a technique to determine the sequence of base pairs in DNA2
  6. arrange in a sequence2
  7. determine the order of constituents in2
    • They sequenced the human genome2
  8. An ordered arrangement, as in a set of numbers, such as the Fibonacci sequence.1
  9. An instance of a queryable type.1

Wiktionary Translations for sequence:

  1. set of things in a set order

Cross Translation:
sequence secuencia SequenzFilm: in sich geschlossene Gruppe aus aufeinanderfolgenden Einstellungen, die einander zugehörig sind und eine Phase in der Entwicklung der Erzählung dokumentieren
sequence secuencia Sequenz — eine Folge von gleichartigen Dingen
sequence desarrollo Ablaufallgemein: Prozess, Abfolge
sequence encadenación; encadenamiento; orden enchainementaction d’enchainer.
sequence fila; hilera rangée — Traductions à trier suivant le sens

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