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Detailed Translations for dire from English to Spanish


dire adj

  1. dire (grinding; piercing)

Translation Matrix for dire:

AdjectiveRelated TranslationsOther Translations
- desperate
ModifierRelated TranslationsOther Translations
agudo dire; grinding; piercing able; acute; adroit; astute; biting; brainy; bright; brilliant; burdensome; capable; careful; clever; closely; crafty; dexterous; embittered; exasperated; expert; fierce; galling; handy; heavy; ingenious; intelligent; intense; irksome; jagged; keen; keen-edged; knowledgable; neat; nimble; penetrating; perky; piercing; proficient; rasping; razor-sharp; resourceful; sagacious; sensible; sharp; sharp-minded; sharply; sharpwitted; shrewd; shrill; skilful; skillful; sly; smart; vehement; violent; wily; wise
intenso dire; grinding; piercing boisterousness; busily engaged; busy; decided; decisive; deep; determined; embittered; engaged; exasperated; fierce; furious; grim; heartfelt; heavy; intense; massive; occupied; penetrating; piercing; profound; rasping; resolute; shrill; sullen; suppressed; tempestuous; tied up; vehement; violent

Related Words for "dire":

  • direness, direr, direst, direly

Synonyms for "dire":

Related Definitions for "dire":

  1. fraught with extreme danger; nearly hopeless1
    • a dire emergency1

Wiktionary Translations for dire:

  1. evil in great degree
  2. ill-boding

Cross Translation:
dire terrible vreselijk — bijzonder erg, schrikwekkend