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Detailed Translations for purr from English to Spanish


to purr verb (purrs, purred, purring)

  1. to purr (snore)
    – make a soft swishing sound 1
  2. to purr (spin)

Conjugations for purr:

  1. purr
  2. purr
  3. purrs
  4. purr
  5. purr
  6. purr
simple past
  1. purred
  2. purred
  3. purred
  4. purred
  5. purred
  6. purred
present perfect
  1. have purred
  2. have purred
  3. has purred
  4. have purred
  5. have purred
  6. have purred
past continuous
  1. was purring
  2. were purring
  3. was purring
  4. were purring
  5. were purring
  6. were purring
  1. shall purr
  2. will purr
  3. will purr
  4. shall purr
  5. will purr
  6. will purr
continuous present
  1. am purring
  2. are purring
  3. is purring
  4. are purring
  5. are purring
  6. are purring
  1. be purred
  2. be purred
  3. be purred
  4. be purred
  5. be purred
  6. be purred
  1. purr!
  2. let's purr!
  3. purred
  4. purring
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

Translation Matrix for purr:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
rascar scrapings
serrar sawing down
VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
gruñir purr; snore bawl; bellyache; blow a person up; bluster; chanter; complain; dress down; express displeasure; gripe; grouse; growl; grumble; murmling one's displeasure; rumble; scold; snarl; stew; tell off; twaddle; whine; wig
hacer ruidos purr; snore chanter; clang; clink; flutter; grouse; growl; grumble; jangle; jingle; rattle; rattling; ruckle; rumble; snarl
hilar purr; spin
husmear purr; snore look about; nose about; poke about; roam about; root up; rove about; rummage; search about; sniff; sniffle; snoop; snuffle; wander
piar purr; snore chirp; whimper; whine
rascar purr; snore claw; collect; gather; glean; grate; paw; rasp; scrape; scratch; scratch off; screech
reprobar purr; snore admonish; blame; castigate; censure; criticise; criticize; decry; denounce; exhort; grouse; grumble; rebuke; reprimand; reprove; scarify; warn
ronronear purr; spin
serrar purr; snore saw free; saw out
- birr; make vibrant sounds; whir; whirr; whiz; whizz

Related Words for "purr":

  • purring

Synonyms for "purr":

Related Definitions for "purr":

  1. a low vibrating sound typical of a contented cat1
  2. indicate pleasure by purring; characteristic of cats1
  3. make a soft swishing sound1
    • the car engine purred1

Wiktionary Translations for purr:

  1. cat to make a vibrating sound in its throat
  1. vibrating sound made by a cat when contented

Cross Translation:
purr ronronear; zumbar; canturrear ronronnerfaire entendre les ronrons, émettre un ronflement sourd et continu, en parlant d'un chat ou d'un félin, qui exprime en général son contentement.