Detailed Translations for rasp from English to Spanish


rasp [the ~] noun

  1. the rasp (grater)
    el rallador

Conjugations for rasp:

  1. rasp
  2. rasp
  3. rasps
  4. rasp
  5. rasp
  6. rasp
simple past
  1. rasped
  2. rasped
  3. rasped
  4. rasped
  5. rasped
  6. rasped
present perfect
  1. have rasped
  2. have rasped
  3. has rasped
  4. have rasped
  5. have rasped
  6. have rasped
past continuous
  1. was rasping
  2. were rasping
  3. was rasping
  4. were rasping
  5. were rasping
  6. were rasping
  1. shall rasp
  2. will rasp
  3. will rasp
  4. shall rasp
  5. will rasp
  6. will rasp
continuous present
  1. am rasping
  2. are rasping
  3. is rasping
  4. are rasping
  5. are rasping
  6. are rasping
  1. be rasped
  2. be rasped
  3. be rasped
  4. be rasped
  5. be rasped
  6. be rasped
  1. rasp!
  2. let's rasp!
  3. rasped
  4. rasping
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

Translation Matrix for rasp:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
chillar shout
rallador grater; rasp plane; shredder; slicer
rascar scrapings
- rasping; wood file
VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
arañar claw; grate; paw; rasp; scrape; scratch; screech grate; scrape; scrape together; scratch; scratch off; scratch open; screech
arrastrar por el suelo claw; grate; paw; rasp; scrape; scratch; screech
cascar claw; grate; paw; rasp; scrape; scratch; screech beat up; break; break house; censure; chatter; chirp; conjugate; crack; criticise; criticize; decline; gabble; inflect; jabber away; knock about; quack; rattle; rave; run down; slate; snap; talk nonsense
chillar claw; grate; paw; rasp; scrape; scratch; screech bark; bawl; beep; bellow; blare; boo; boom; call; chirp; clatter; complain; cry; cry out; grate; grumble; howl; let on; lisp; rage; rant; rattle; roar; rustle; scream; screech; shout; shout out loud; shriek; speak with a lisp; squawk; squeak; squeal; tell tales; tweet; twitter; wail; whimper; whine; whinge; whisper; whizz; whoosh; yammer; yell
descifrar claw; grate; paw; rasp; scrape; scratch; screech censure; criticise; criticize; decipher; decode; decrypt; disentangle; disentwine; run down; slate; solve; unravel
rascar claw; grate; paw; rasp; scrape; scratch; screech collect; gather; glean; grate; purr; scrape; scratch; scratch off; screech; snore
rascarse claw; grate; paw; rasp; scrape; scratch; screech
respirar con estertor rasp

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Synonyms for "rasp":

Related Definitions for "rasp":

  1. a coarse file with sharp pointed projections1
  2. uttering in an irritated tone1
  3. utter in a grating voice1
  4. scrape with a rasp1

Wiktionary Translations for rasp:

  1. coarse file
  1. to use a rasp

Cross Translation:
rasp refunfuñar; rezongar râler — Faire en respirer un bruit rauque causé par l’embarras des bronches. Il se dit particulièrement des agonisants.
rasp rallar râper — Réduire en petits morceaux avec une râpe

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