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Translation Matrix for useless:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
absurdo backwardness; baloney; folly; humbug; mental illness; nonsense; piffle; preposterousness; retardation; rubbish; tattle; twaddle
condenado condemned person; convict; criminal; jail-bird
estúpido Simple Simon; birdbrain; blockhead; dimwit; dolt; duffer; dunce; fat head; fathead; feather head; fool; idiot; moron; nincompoop; ninny; nitwit; numbskull; numskull; oaf; rattle brain; rattle-brain; simpleton; stupid
inferior inferior
inútil good-for-nothing; layabout; lazybones; loiterer; slacker; slowcoach; slowpoke; sluggard; snail; wretch; wretched fellow; yellowbelly
subordinado submissive
vano doorway
Not SpecifiedRelated TranslationsOther Translations
secundario child
OtherRelated TranslationsOther Translations
- unusable
ModifierRelated TranslationsOther Translations
absurdo mindless; senseless; useless absurd; crazy; daft; dumb; foolish; funny; idiot; idiotic; impractible; insane; irrational; laughable; ludicrous; mad; mentally disturbed; mindless; mixed up; muzzy; not feasible; not sensible; odd; potty; preposterous; ridicule; ridiculous; senseless; silly; stupid; unrealistic; unwise; weird
condenado useless; valueless; worthless blasted; convicted; cursed; damn; damned; darn; devilish; doomed; shit
de mala calidad useless; valueless; worthless defective; inferior; lacking; poor; unsound
de mil demonios useless; valueless; worthless
deficiente useless; valueless; worthless barren; defective; deficient; disabled; frugal; handicapped; incomplete; inferior; lacking; poor; unfinished; unfruitful; unsound
en vano unusable; useless for nothing; fruitless; futile; in vain; meaningless; pointless; senseless; to no avail; vainly
estúpido mindless; senseless; useless absurd; bonkers; boring; cracked; crackers; crazy; daft; deadening; dense; dull; dumb; empty-headed; foolish; funny; idiot; idiotic; insane; irrational; laughable; loony; ludicrous; mad; mindless; not sensible; nuts; obtuse; odd; potty; ridicule; ridiculous; round the bend; senseless; silly; stark raving mad; stark staring mad; stupid; unwise
ineficaz useless; valueless; worthless barren; ineffective; inefficient; poor; unfruitful
inepto unusable; useless incapable; incompetent; inexpert; inferior; unsound
inferior useless; valueless; worthless base; inferior; low; lowest; lying low; mean; not high; pedestrian; poor; sheet; sordid; undermost; vile
infructuoso unusable; useless futile
inservible meaningless; pointless; senseless; unusable; useless; valueless; worthless break down; defective; get lost; go wrong; lacking; poor; unsound
inutilizable meaningless; pointless; senseless; unusable; useless
inútil good-for-nothing; meaningless; pointless; senseless; unusable; useless; valueless; worthless abstemious; ailing; aimless; clumsy; doltish; excess; for nothing; fruitless; futile; gawky; idle; in vain; maladroit; meaningless; not very good; owlish; pointless; poor; purposeless; senseless; stiff; superfluous; surplus; to no avail; uneasy; unhandy; vainly; wooden
irrazonable mindless; senseless; useless dense; dishonest; dull; foolish; groundless; irrational; obtuse; rash; senseless; stupid; thoughtless; unfair; unjust; unreasonable; unthinking; unwise
puñetero useless; valueless; worthless
que no vale nada useless; valueless; worthless damn; darn; shit
secundario useless; valueless; worthless continued; inferior; minor; persisted; secondary; subordinate
sin objeto mindless; senseless; useless aimless; idle; meaningless; pointless; purposeless; senseless
sin sentido mindless; senseless; useless meaningless; out cold; pointless; senseless; subconscious; unconscious
sin valor useless; valueless; worthless damn; darn; shit
subordinado useless; valueless; worthless amenable; docile; dominated; humble; inferior; malleable; meek; minor; pliable; secondary; slavishly; subjugated; submissive; subordinate
supeditado useless; valueless; worthless inferior; minor; secondary; subordinate
vano good-for-nothing; unusable; useless arrogant; condescending; empty; fresh; haughty; high-handed; meaningless; overbearing; pointless; presumptuous; pretentious; self-satisfied; senseless; stuck-up; supercilious; superior; unbroached; unopened; untouched; unused

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  1. having no beneficial use or incapable of functioning usefully1
    • a kitchen full of useless gadgets1
    • she is useless in an emergency1

Wiktionary Translations for useless:

  1. without use or possibility to be used
  2. unable to do well

Cross Translation:
useless inútil nutteloos — zonder voordeel
useless vano; inútil zinloos — iets dat geen zin (nut) heeft
useless inútil nutzlos — ohne Nutzen, keinen Nutzen bringend
useless inútil zwecklos — ohne ein brauchbares Ergebnis zu erzeugen
useless inútil inutile — Qui n’est d’aucune utilité, d’aucun usage, parler des choses.
useless vano vain — Qui est inutile, qui ne produire rien.