Detailed Translations for flourish from English to French


to flourish verb (flourishes, flourished, flourishing)

  1. to flourish (bloom; prosper)
    éclore; s'épanouir
    • éclore verb (éclos, éclôt, éclosent, éclorai, )
  2. to flourish (boom; prosper; blossom; )
    réussir; prospérer; aller bien
    • réussir verb (réussis, réussit, réussissons, réussissez, )
    • prospérer verb (prospère, prospères, prospérons, prospérez, )
    • aller bien verb
  3. to flourish (twirl; frizz)
    faire des câlineries; câliner
    • câliner verb (câline, câlines, câlinons, câlinez, )
  4. to flourish (frizz; crisp; twirl; form circles)
    frisotter; boucler; friser; onduler
    • frisotter verb (frisotte, frisottes, frisottons, frisottez, )
    • boucler verb (boucle, boucles, bouclons, bouclez, )
    • friser verb (frise, frises, frisons, frisez, )
    • onduler verb (ondule, ondules, ondulons, ondulez, )

Conjugations for flourish:

  1. flourish
  2. flourish
  3. flourishes
  4. flourish
  5. flourish
  6. flourish
simple past
  1. flourished
  2. flourished
  3. flourished
  4. flourished
  5. flourished
  6. flourished
present perfect
  1. have flourished
  2. have flourished
  3. has flourished
  4. have flourished
  5. have flourished
  6. have flourished
past continuous
  1. was flourishing
  2. were flourishing
  3. was flourishing
  4. were flourishing
  5. were flourishing
  6. were flourishing
  1. shall flourish
  2. will flourish
  3. will flourish
  4. shall flourish
  5. will flourish
  6. will flourish
continuous present
  1. am flourishing
  2. are flourishing
  3. is flourishing
  4. are flourishing
  5. are flourishing
  6. are flourishing
  1. be flourished
  2. be flourished
  3. be flourished
  4. be flourished
  5. be flourished
  6. be flourished
  1. flourish!
  2. let's flourish!
  3. flourished
  4. flourishing
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

Translation Matrix for flourish:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
- brandish; fanfare; tucket
VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
aller bien bloom; blossom; boom; do well; flourish; go well; keep good time; prosper; thrive become; flatter; go smoothly; look good; make up; proceed smoothly
boucler crisp; flourish; form circles; frizz; twirl buckle; buckle on; close; curl; draw; lock; pull shut; pull to; put in curlers; shut; strap; tie up
câliner flourish; frizz; twirl caress; caress each other; chuck; cuddle; fondle; hug; love; make love; neck; pet; stroke
faire des câlineries flourish; frizz; twirl
friser crisp; flourish; form circles; frizz; twirl curl; put in curlers
frisotter crisp; flourish; form circles; frizz; twirl curl; put in curlers
onduler crisp; flourish; form circles; frizz; twirl curl; flow; gush; put in curlers; undulate; wave
prospérer bloom; blossom; boom; do well; flourish; go well; keep good time; prosper; thrive grow; make up; prosper; thrive
réussir bloom; blossom; boom; do well; flourish; go well; keep good time; prosper; thrive accomplish; be successful; bring off; cope; elapse; expire; finish; fix; fix it up; get done; get through; go by; make up; manage; pass; pull it off; pull off; pull the trick; succeed
s'épanouir bloom; flourish; prosper blossom; bud; come up; develop; evolve; expose; fill out; germinate; grow in size; open oneself up; originate; spring; sprout
éclore bloom; flourish; prosper expose; open oneself up
- boom; brandish; expand; fly high; prosper; thrive; wave
OtherRelated TranslationsOther Translations
- curl; fanfare; tap

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Synonyms for "flourish":

Related Definitions for "flourish":

  1. (music) a short lively tune played on brass instruments1
    • he entered to a flourish of trumpets1
  2. the act of waving1
  3. a display of ornamental speech or language1
  4. a showy gesture1
    • she entered with a great flourish1
  5. an ornamental embellishment in writing1
  6. grow vigorously1
  7. move or swing back and forth1
  8. make steady progress; be at the high point in one's career or reach a high point in historical significance or importance1

Wiktionary Translations for flourish:

  1. ceremonious passage
  2. dramatic gesture
  3. ornamentation
  1. to make bold, sweeping movements
  2. to prosper or fare well
  3. to be in a period of greatest influence
  4. to thrive or grow well
  1. Traductions à trier suivant le sens
  2. agiter dans sa main une arme, comme si on se préparer à frapper.
  3. produire des fleurs, se couvrir de fleurs, ou être en fleurs.
  4. (botanique) produire des fruits.
  5. Être heureux, avoir la fortune favorable.
  1. marque faite d’un ou plusieurs traits de plume, qu’on apposer ordinairement après sa signature, et qui, en certains cas, se met pour la signature même.

Cross Translation:
flourish fleurir; prospérer bloeien — het bijzonder goed maken
flourish virement zwier — draai, zwaai
flourish prospérer florieren — sich in der allgemeinen Hochachtung erfolgreich entwickeln
flourish pousser bien gedeihen — sich gut entwickeln

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