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Detailed Translations for organise from English to French


to organise verb, British

  1. to organise (archivate; store; file; document; organize)
    archiver; ranger
    • archiver verb (archive, archives, archivons, archivez, )
    • ranger verb (range, ranges, rangeons, rangez, )
  2. to organise (catalogue; organize; order)
    cataloguer; faire un catalogue
    • cataloguer verb (catalogue, catalogues, cataloguons, cataloguez, )
  3. to organise (coordinate; organize; arrange)
    coordonner; arranger; organiser
    • coordonner verb (coordonne, coordonnes, coordonnons, coordonnez, )
    • arranger verb (arrange, arranges, arrangeons, arrangez, )
    • organiser verb (organise, organises, organisons, organisez, )
  4. to organise (home decorating; arrange; organize)
    aménager; organiser
    • aménager verb (aménage, aménages, aménageons, aménagez, )
    • organiser verb (organise, organises, organisons, organisez, )

Translation Matrix for organise:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
organiser causing
VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
aménager arrange; home decorating; organise; organize arrange; furnish
archiver archivate; document; file; organise; organize; store archive; check in
arranger arrange; coordinate; organise; organize arrange; assort; boost; bring off; classify; cope; fix; fix up; freshen up; group; instal; install; jack up v; lay down; make decent; manage; model; orchestrate; order; patch up; pep up; pull off; put in order; range; reconcile; redeem; redress; refurbish; regulate; renew; renovate; restore; resume; select; set up; settle; shape; shunt; sift; sort out
cataloguer catalogue; order; organise; organize
coordonner arrange; coordinate; organise; organize
faire un catalogue catalogue; order; organise; organize
organiser arrange; coordinate; home decorating; organise; organize arrange; contrive; devise; plan; plot; set up
ranger archivate; document; file; organise; organize; store arrange; clean; clear away; gather; lay; lay aside; lay down; move closer; move up; order; pack together; pack up; park; place; position; put; put away; put down; put in order; range; range together; save; scrape together; situate; store; stow; stow away; stuff; sweep; tidy up
- coordinate; devise; direct; engineer; form; get up; machinate; mastermind; orchestrate; organize; prepare; unionise; unionize
OtherRelated TranslationsOther Translations
- arrange; dish up; organize; put down; put up; shorten

Synonyms for "organise":

Antonyms for "organise":

Related Definitions for "organise":

  1. bring order and organization to1
  2. plan and direct (a complex undertaking)1
  3. arrange by systematic planning and united effort1
  4. cause to be structured or ordered or operating according to some principle or idea1
  5. form or join a union1
  6. create (as an entity)1

Wiktionary Translations for organise:

  1. ranger, distribuer par classes
  2. mettre dans un certain ordre