Detailed Translations for tidy up from English to French

tidy up:

to tidy up verb (tidies up, tidied up, tidying up)

  1. to tidy up (clean; clear away; put away)
    ranger; nettoyer; débarrasser; stocker; liquider; solder
    • ranger verb (range, ranges, rangeons, rangez, )
    • nettoyer verb (nettoie, nettoies, nettoyons, nettoyez, )
    • débarrasser verb (débarrasse, débarrasses, débarrassons, débarrassez, )
    • stocker verb (stocke, stockes, stockons, stockez, )
    • liquider verb (liquide, liquides, liquidons, liquidez, )
    • solder verb (solde, soldes, soldons, soldez, )
  2. to tidy up (clean out; clean up; clear out; )
  3. to tidy up (freshen up; refresh; freshen)
    rafraîchir; se rafraîchir
    • rafraîchir verb (rafraîchis, rafraîchit, rafraîchissons, rafraîchissez, )
  4. to tidy up (muck out; clean up; clean out)

Conjugations for tidy up:

  1. tidy up
  2. tidy up
  3. tidies up
  4. tidy up
  5. tidy up
  6. tidy up
simple past
  1. tidied up
  2. tidied up
  3. tidied up
  4. tidied up
  5. tidied up
  6. tidied up
present perfect
  1. have tidied up
  2. have tidied up
  3. has tidied up
  4. have tidied up
  5. have tidied up
  6. have tidied up
past continuous
  1. was tidying up
  2. were tidying up
  3. was tidying up
  4. were tidying up
  5. were tidying up
  6. were tidying up
  1. shall tidy up
  2. will tidy up
  3. will tidy up
  4. shall tidy up
  5. will tidy up
  6. will tidy up
continuous present
  1. am tidying up
  2. are tidying up
  3. is tidying up
  4. are tidying up
  5. are tidying up
  6. are tidying up
  1. be tidied up
  2. be tidied up
  3. be tidied up
  4. be tidied up
  5. be tidied up
  6. be tidied up
  1. tidy up!
  2. let's tidy up!
  3. tidied up
  4. tidying up
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

Translation Matrix for tidy up:

VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
débarrasser clean; clear away; put away; tidy up clear; clear away; clear the table; drink; drink up; empty; empty the table; evacuate; finish; pour out; release; rid of
enlever le fumier de clean out; clean up; muck out; tidy up get undone; pull out; unpick; untie
liquider clean; clear away; put away; tidy up abolish; annul; break down; break up; cancel; clear; demolish; destroy; disband; dismantle; dissolve; drag down; eliminate; finish off; get down; kill; liquidate; murder; nullify; pull down; sell off; sell out; settle; shut down; take down; tear down; tear loose; undo; wreck
nettoyer clean; clear away; put away; tidy up chasten; clean; clean up; clear; clear away; clear the table; clear up; dust; empty the table; ennoble; get undone; give a good cleaning; groom; keep clean; mop up; pull out; purify; refine; remove; scour; scrub; scrub off; scrub-clean; unpick; untie; wash
nettoyer à fond clean out; clean up; clear; clear out; empty; finish; muck out; tidy out; tidy up clean; clear; get undone; give a good cleaning; pull out; remove; unpick; untie; wash
rafraîchir freshen; freshen up; refresh; tidy up beautify; become chilly; become cold; become cool; become fresh; brighten up; cheer up; chill; comfort; cool; cool down; cool off; decorate; doll up; dress up; embellish; enliven; fix up; freshen; freshen up; garnish; get cold; get cooler; get fresh; gladden; grow cold; grow cooler; liven up; put new life into; quench thirst; refresh; refrigerate; relieve; renew; renovate; resume; revitalise; revitalize; revive; trim
ranger clean; clear away; put away; tidy up archivate; arrange; document; file; gather; lay; lay aside; lay down; move closer; move up; order; organise; organize; pack together; pack up; park; place; position; put; put away; put down; put in order; range; range together; save; scrape together; situate; store; stow; stow away; stuff; sweep
se rafraîchir freshen; freshen up; refresh; tidy up boost; chill; cool; cool down; cool off; enliven; freshen; freshen oneself up; freshen up; jack up v; patch up; pep up; quench one's thirst; refresh; refurbish; revive; tidy oneself up
solder clean; clear away; put away; tidy up clear; get even; level; lower; make even; mark down; pay; pay on account; pay up; reduce; sell off; sell out; settle
stocker clean; clear away; put away; tidy up hoard; lay up; pot; put up; secure; stock; store
- clean up; neaten; square away; straighten; straighten out; tidy

Synonyms for "tidy up":

Related Definitions for "tidy up":

  1. put (things or places) in order1

Wiktionary Translations for tidy up:

tidy up
  1. to make clean (a small room or small space)
tidy up
Cross Translation:
tidy up ranger opruimen — iets in orde brengen, netjes maken
tidy up arranger opknappen — verbeteringen aanbrengen

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