Detailed Translations for chasten from English to Dutch


to chasten verb (chastens, chastened, chastening)

  1. to chasten (purify; refine; ennoble)
    reinigen; kuisen; klaren; in zedelijk opzicht zuiveren; louteren
  2. to chasten (punish; castigate; chastise)
    straffen; afstraffen
    • straffen verb (staf, staft, stafte, staften, gestraft)
    • afstraffen verb (straf af, straft af, strafte af, straften af, afgestraft)

Conjugations for chasten:

  1. chasten
  2. chasten
  3. chastens
  4. chasten
  5. chasten
  6. chasten
simple past
  1. chastened
  2. chastened
  3. chastened
  4. chastened
  5. chastened
  6. chastened
present perfect
  1. have chastened
  2. have chastened
  3. has chastened
  4. have chastened
  5. have chastened
  6. have chastened
past continuous
  1. was chastening
  2. were chastening
  3. was chastening
  4. were chastening
  5. were chastening
  6. were chastening
  1. shall chasten
  2. will chasten
  3. will chasten
  4. shall chasten
  5. will chasten
  6. will chasten
continuous present
  1. am chastening
  2. are chastening
  3. is chastening
  4. are chastening
  5. are chastening
  6. are chastening
  1. be chastened
  2. be chastened
  3. be chastened
  4. be chastened
  5. be chastened
  6. be chastened
  1. chasten!
  2. let's chasten!
  3. chastened
  4. chastening
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

Translation Matrix for chasten:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
reinigen clean-up; cleaning; cleansing; purification; service; washing; washing down
VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
afstraffen castigate; chasten; chastise; punish
in zedelijk opzicht zuiveren chasten; ennoble; purify; refine
klaren chasten; ennoble; purify; refine clear; clear baggage; enter; finish; fix; have ended; have finished
kuisen chasten; ennoble; purify; refine
louteren chasten; ennoble; purify; refine
reinigen chasten; ennoble; purify; refine clean; clean out; clean up; clear; clear out; empty; finish; give a good cleaning; remove; tidy out; tidy up; wash
straffen castigate; chasten; chastise; punish inflict disciplinary punishment; penalise; penalize; punish; rebuke; reprimand
- castigate; chastise; correct; moderate; objurgate; subdue; tame; temper
OtherRelated TranslationsOther Translations
- purify; try

Related Words for "chasten":

  • chastening, chastened

Synonyms for "chasten":

Related Definitions for "chasten":

  1. correct by punishment or discipline1
  2. restrain1
  3. censure severely1