Detailed Translations for disentangle from English to Dutch


to disentangle verb (disentangles, disentangled, disentangling)

  1. to disentangle (unravel; disentwine)
    uitzoeken; ontwarren; uitpluizen; ontraadselen; uitrafelen; uitvezelen; ontrafelen
    • uitzoeken verb (zoek uit, zoekt uit, zocht uit, zochten uit, uitgezocht)
    • ontwarren verb (ontwar, ontwart, ontwarde, ontwarden, ontward)
    • uitpluizen verb (pluis uit, pluist uit, ploos uit, plozen uit, uitgeplozen)
    • ontraadselen verb (ontraadsel, ontraadselt, ontraadselde, ontraadselden, ontraadseld)
    • uitrafelen verb (rafel uit, rafelt uit, rafelde uit, rafelden uit, uitgerafeld)
    • uitvezelen verb (vezel uit, vezelt uit, vezelde uit, vezelden uit, uitgevezeld)
    • ontrafelen verb (ontrafel, ontrafelt, ontrafelde, ontrafelden, ontrafeld)
  2. to disentangle (unravel; solve; unriddle; unbutton; untie)
    uit elkaar halen; uit de war halen; ontrafelen; ontwarren
    • uit elkaar halen verb (haal uit elkaar, haalt uit elkaar, haalde uit elkaar, haalden uit elkaar, uit elkaar gehaald)
    • ontrafelen verb (ontrafel, ontrafelt, ontrafelde, ontrafelden, ontrafeld)
    • ontwarren verb (ontwar, ontwart, ontwarde, ontwarden, ontward)

Conjugations for disentangle:

  1. disentangle
  2. disentangle
  3. disentangles
  4. disentangle
  5. disentangle
  6. disentangle
simple past
  1. disentangled
  2. disentangled
  3. disentangled
  4. disentangled
  5. disentangled
  6. disentangled
present perfect
  1. have disentangled
  2. have disentangled
  3. has disentangled
  4. have disentangled
  5. have disentangled
  6. have disentangled
past continuous
  1. was disentangling
  2. were disentangling
  3. was disentangling
  4. were disentangling
  5. were disentangling
  6. were disentangling
  1. shall disentangle
  2. will disentangle
  3. will disentangle
  4. shall disentangle
  5. will disentangle
  6. will disentangle
continuous present
  1. am disentangling
  2. are disentangling
  3. is disentangling
  4. are disentangling
  5. are disentangling
  6. are disentangling
  1. be disentangled
  2. be disentangled
  3. be disentangled
  4. be disentangled
  5. be disentangled
  6. be disentangled
  1. disentangle!
  2. let's disentangle!
  3. disentangled
  4. disentangling
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

Translation Matrix for disentangle:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
uitzoeken selecting; sifting; sorting
VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
ontraadselen disentangle; disentwine; unravel solve; unravel
ontrafelen disentangle; disentwine; solve; unbutton; unravel; unriddle; untie solve; unravel
ontwarren disentangle; disentwine; solve; unbutton; unravel; unriddle; untie decipher; decode; solve; unravel
uit de war halen disentangle; solve; unbutton; unravel; unriddle; untie
uit elkaar halen disentangle; solve; unbutton; unravel; unriddle; untie break down; break up; clear away; clear up; cleave; crack; demolish; destroy; dismantle; divide; divorce; drag down; get down; part; pull down; remove; separate; sever; split; strip down; take apart a machine; take down; tear down; tear loose; unharness; unrig; wreck
uitpluizen disentangle; disentwine; unravel
uitrafelen disentangle; disentwine; unravel fray
uitvezelen disentangle; disentwine; unravel
uitzoeken disentangle; disentwine; unravel arrange; assort; choose; group; pick; pick out; prefer; select; shunt; sift; single out; sort out
- comb; comb out; disembroil; disencumber; disinvolve; extricate; straighten out; unsnarl; untangle; unwind
OtherRelated TranslationsOther Translations
- clear up

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Related Definitions for "disentangle":

  1. smoothen and neaten with or as with a comb1
  2. extricate from entanglement1
    • Can you disentangle the cord?1
  3. separate the tangles of1
  4. release from entanglement of difficulty1
  5. free from involvement or entanglement1
    • How can I disentangle myself from her personal affairs?1