Detailed Translations for launch from English to Dutch


to launch verb (launches, launched, launching)

  1. to launch (release; start)
    uitgeven; op de markt brengen; lanceren
  2. to launch (fly; release)
    oplaten; laten opstijgen
    • oplaten verb (laat op, liet op, lieten op, opgelaten)
    • laten opstijgen verb (laat opstijgen, liet opstijgen, lieten opstijgen, laten opstijgen)

Conjugations for launch:

  1. launch
  2. launch
  3. launches
  4. launch
  5. launch
  6. launch
simple past
  1. launched
  2. launched
  3. launched
  4. launched
  5. launched
  6. launched
present perfect
  1. have launched
  2. have launched
  3. has launched
  4. have launched
  5. have launched
  6. have launched
past continuous
  1. was launching
  2. were launching
  3. was launching
  4. were launching
  5. were launching
  6. were launching
  1. shall launch
  2. will launch
  3. will launch
  4. shall launch
  5. will launch
  6. will launch
continuous present
  1. am launching
  2. are launching
  3. is launching
  4. are launching
  5. are launching
  6. are launching
  1. be launched
  2. be launched
  3. be launched
  4. be launched
  5. be launched
  6. be launched
  1. launch!
  2. let's launch!
  3. launched
  4. launching
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

launch [the ~] noun

  1. the launch
    – To activate an application program from the operating system's user interface. 1
    de start

Translation Matrix for launch:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
lanceren launching; lifting
start launch beginning; commencement; inauguration; opening; opening ceremony; outset; start
uitgeven publication; publishing
- launching
VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
lanceren launch; release; start
laten opstijgen fly; launch; release
op de markt brengen launch; release; start
oplaten fly; launch; release
uitgeven launch; release; start issue; pay; publish; spend
- establish; found; plunge; set in motion; set up
OtherRelated TranslationsOther Translations
- bring out; longboat; market; merchandise; ship's boat

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Related Definitions for "launch":

  1. the act of propelling with force2
  2. a motorboat with an open deck or a half deck2
  3. begin with vigor2
    • He launched into a long diatribe2
  4. smoothen the surface of2
    • launch plaster2
  5. propel with force2
    • launch the space shuttle2
  6. get going; give impetus to2
    • launch a career2
  7. launch for the first time; launch on a maiden voyage2
    • launch a ship2
  8. set up or found2
  9. To activate an application program from the operating system's user interface.1
  10. To activate an application program (especially on the Macintosh) from the operating system's user interface.1
  11. The activities leading up to and through a product's release into the marketplace.1

Wiktionary Translations for launch:

  1. movement of a vessel from land into the water
  2. act of launching
  1. send out; start on a career; set going; give a start to; put in operation
  2. cause to move or slide from the land into the water
  3. strike with, or as with, a lance; to pierce
  4. throw, hurl, let fly, propel with force

Cross Translation:
launch lanceren lancement — Action de lancer.
launch lanceren; ontketenen; uitschrijven; van stapel laten lopen lancerjeter en avant avec force, avec raideur, pour atteindre au loin.