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Detailed Translations for wipe off from English to Dutch

wipe off:

to wipe off verb (wipes off, wiped off, wiping off)

  1. to wipe off
    afvegen; afwissen
    • afvegen verb (veeg af, veegt af, veegde af, veegden af, afgeveegd)
    • afwissen verb (wis af, wist af, wiste af, wisten af, afgewist)

Conjugations for wipe off:

  1. wipe off
  2. wipe off
  3. wipes off
  4. wipe off
  5. wipe off
  6. wipe off
simple past
  1. wiped off
  2. wiped off
  3. wiped off
  4. wiped off
  5. wiped off
  6. wiped off
present perfect
  1. have wiped off
  2. have wiped off
  3. has wiped off
  4. have wiped off
  5. have wiped off
  6. have wiped off
past continuous
  1. was wiping off
  2. were wiping off
  3. was wiping off
  4. were wiping off
  5. were wiping off
  6. were wiping off
  1. shall wipe off
  2. will wipe off
  3. will wipe off
  4. shall wipe off
  5. will wipe off
  6. will wipe off
continuous present
  1. am wiping off
  2. are wiping off
  3. is wiping off
  4. are wiping off
  5. are wiping off
  6. are wiping off
  1. be wiped off
  2. be wiped off
  3. be wiped off
  4. be wiped off
  5. be wiped off
  6. be wiped off
  1. wipe off!
  2. let's wipe off!
  3. wiped off
  4. wiping off
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

wipe off [the ~] noun

  1. the wipe off (dust; remove)
    afnemen; afstoffen; afwissen

Translation Matrix for wipe off:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
afnemen dust; remove; wipe off declining in force; decrease in power; decrease in strength; weakening
afstoffen dust; remove; wipe off
afwissen dust; remove; wipe off
VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
afnemen be shortcoming; cadge; clear away; clear up; collar; collect; come round for; curtail; decline; decrease; diminish; dust; dwindle; expropriate; fetch; filch; go down; go thieving; lessen; make off with; mark down; nick; pick up; pilfer; pinch; purloin; reduce; regress; remove; rob; scale down; shrink; shrink away; sink; snatch; snitch; steal; swipe; take; take along; take away; wain; waining
afstoffen clear away; clear up; dust; remove
afvegen wipe off sweep away
afwissen wipe off
- efface; erase; rub out; score out; wipe away

Synonyms for "wipe off":

Related Definitions for "wipe off":

  1. remove by wiping1
  2. remove by or as if by rubbing or erasing1

Wiktionary Translations for wipe off:

wipe off
  1. met een vegende beweging verwijderen of schoonmaken

Cross Translation:
wipe off afdrogen; vegen; afvegen; wissen; afwissen; uitvegen; uitwissen; wegvagen; wegvegen; wegwissen effacer — Faire disparaître plus ou moins, parler de la forme, des couleurs de quelque chose.
wipe off afdrogen; vegen; afvegen; wissen; afwissen essuyer — Traductions à trier suivant le sens

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