Detailed Translations for fetch from English to Dutch


to fetch verb (fetches, fetched, fetching)

  1. to fetch (collect; take along; take away; )
    ophalen; meenemen; afnemen; afhalen; wegnemen; weghalen
    • ophalen verb (haal op, haalt op, haalde op, haalden op, opgehaald)
    • meenemen verb (neem mee, neemt mee, nam mee, namen mee, meegenomen)
    • afnemen verb (neem af, neemt af, nam af, namen af, afgenomen)
    • afhalen verb (haal af, haalt af, haalde af, haalden af, afgehaald)
    • wegnemen verb (neem weg, neemt weg, nam weg, namen weg, weggenomen)
    • weghalen verb (haal weg, haalt weg, haalde weg, haalden weg, weggehaald)
  2. to fetch (collect; pick up)
    ophalen; afhalen en meenemen; oppikken

Conjugations for fetch:

  1. fetch
  2. fetch
  3. fetches
  4. fetch
  5. fetch
  6. fetch
simple past
  1. fetched
  2. fetched
  3. fetched
  4. fetched
  5. fetched
  6. fetched
present perfect
  1. have fetched
  2. have fetched
  3. has fetched
  4. have fetched
  5. have fetched
  6. have fetched
past continuous
  1. was fetching
  2. were fetching
  3. was fetching
  4. were fetching
  5. were fetching
  6. were fetching
  1. shall fetch
  2. will fetch
  3. will fetch
  4. shall fetch
  5. will fetch
  6. will fetch
continuous present
  1. am fetching
  2. are fetching
  3. is fetching
  4. are fetching
  5. are fetching
  6. are fetching
  1. be fetched
  2. be fetched
  3. be fetched
  4. be fetched
  5. be fetched
  6. be fetched
  1. fetch!
  2. let's fetch!
  3. fetched
  4. fetching
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

Translation Matrix for fetch:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
afnemen declining in force; decrease in power; decrease in strength; dust; remove; weakening; wipe off
wegnemen amputating; amputation; removing; taking
VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
afhalen collect; come round for; fetch; pick up; take; take along; take away bone; flay; poach; skin
afhalen en meenemen collect; fetch; pick up
afnemen collect; come round for; fetch; pick up; take; take along; take away be shortcoming; cadge; clear away; clear up; collar; curtail; decline; decrease; diminish; dust; dwindle; expropriate; filch; go down; go thieving; lessen; make off with; mark down; nick; pilfer; pinch; purloin; reduce; regress; remove; rob; scale down; shrink; shrink away; sink; snatch; snitch; steal; swipe; take; take away; wain; waining
meenemen collect; come round for; fetch; pick up; take; take along; take away take away; take out
ophalen collect; come round for; fetch; pick up; take; take along; take away bring up; pull up; raise; retrieve
oppikken collect; fetch; pick up absorb; acquire; collect; gain; gather; get the hang of; glean; learn; pick up; receive; study
weghalen collect; come round for; fetch; pick up; take; take along; take away remove
wegnemen collect; come round for; fetch; pick up; take; take along; take away cadge; collar; expropriate; filch; go thieving; make off with; nick; pilfer; pinch; purloin; remove; rob; snatch; snitch; steal; swipe; take; take away
- bring; bring in; convey; get
AdjectiveRelated TranslationsOther Translations
afhalen will call
OtherRelated TranslationsOther Translations
- call for; collect; command; involve

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Related Definitions for "fetch":

  1. the action of fetching1
  2. go or come after and bring or take back1
    • The dog fetched the hat1
  3. take away or remove1
    • The devil will fetch you!1
  4. be sold for a certain price1
    • The old print fetched a high price at the auction1
  5. To retrieve an instruction or an item of data from memory and store it in a register. Fetching is part of the execution cycle of a microprocessor; first an instruction or item of data must be fetched from memory and loaded into a register, after which it can be executed (if it is an instruction) or acted upon (if it is data).2

Wiktionary Translations for fetch:

  1. To retrieve; to bear towards; to get
  1. ergens heengaan met als doel om iets of iemand mee terug te brengen

Cross Translation:
fetch halen holen — etwas, jemanden zu sich kommen machen
fetch afhalen; meebrengen; meenemen; vergaderen; medenemen; medebrengen; aandragen; bezorgen; brengen; aanbrengen; voorleiden amenermener d’un lieu à un autre.
fetch brengen; bijeenbrengen; meebrengen; meenemen; medenemen; medebrengen; aandragen; bezorgen; aanbrengen apporterporter quelque chose à quelqu’un. usage L’objet du verbe apporter est toujours un inanimé.
fetch herstellen; terugbrengen; herplaatsen; terugplaatsen; terugvoeren rameneramener de nouveau.

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