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  1. bring on:


Detailed Translations for bring on from English to Swedish

bring on:

to bring on verb (brings on, brought on, bringing on)

  1. to bring on (bring about; elicit; cause)
    • förorsaka verb (förorsakar, förorsakade, förorsakat)
  2. to bring on (bring about; effect; produce)
    åstadkomma; föranleda; få till stånd
    • åstadkomma verb (åstadkommer, åstadkomm, åstadkommit)
    • föranleda verb (föranleder, föranledde, föranlett)
    • få till stånd verb (får till stånd, fick till stånd, fått till stånd)

Conjugations for bring on:

  1. bring on
  2. bring on
  3. brings on
  4. bring on
  5. bring on
  6. bring on
simple past
  1. brought on
  2. brought on
  3. brought on
  4. brought on
  5. brought on
  6. brought on
present perfect
  1. have brought on
  2. have brought on
  3. has brought on
  4. have brought on
  5. have brought on
  6. have brought on
past continuous
  1. was bringing on
  2. were bringing on
  3. was bringing on
  4. were bringing on
  5. were bringing on
  6. were bringing on
  1. shall bring on
  2. will bring on
  3. will bring on
  4. shall bring on
  5. will bring on
  6. will bring on
continuous present
  1. am bringing on
  2. are bringing on
  3. is bringing on
  4. are bringing on
  5. are bringing on
  6. are bringing on
  1. be brought on
  2. be brought on
  3. be brought on
  4. be brought on
  5. be brought on
  6. be brought on
  1. bring on!
  2. let's bring on!
  3. brought on
  4. bringing on
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

Translation Matrix for bring on:

VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
få till stånd bring about; bring on; effect; produce
föranleda bring about; bring on; effect; produce bring about; bring forth; create; generate; induce; produce
förorsaka bring about; bring on; cause; elicit cause
åstadkomma bring about; bring on; effect; produce accomplish; accumulate; bring about; bring forth; create; effect; fulfil; fulfill; generate; heap up; mount up; perform; pile up; produce; realise; realize
- bring out; induce; produce

Synonyms for "bring on":

Related Definitions for "bring on":

  1. cause to arise1
  2. cause to appear1
    • bring on the birthday cake1
  3. bring onto the market or release1

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