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  1. distributiegroep:


Detailed Translations for distributiegroep from Dutch to English



  1. distributiegroep (groep; distributielijst)
    the group; the distribution group; the distribution list
    – A collection of users, computers, contacts, and other groups that is used only for e-mail distribution, and addressed as a single recipient. 1
  2. distributiegroep
    the distribution group
    – A mail-enabled Active Directory group object. In Exchange 2007, a distribution group refers to all mail-enabled groups, whether they are an Active Directory security group or an Active Directory distribution group. When an e-mail message is sent to a distribution group, all members of that list receive a copy of the message. 1

Translation Matrix for distributiegroep:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
distribution group distributiegroep; distributielijst; groep
distribution list distributiegroep; distributielijst; groep
group distributiegroep; distributielijst; groep aantal personen bijeen; categorie; classificatie; drom; gezelschap; groep; groep contactpersonen; groep mensen; klasse; massa; menigte; mensenmassa; oploopje; partij; ploeg; samenkomst; team; toeloop; troep
VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
group arrangeren; classificeren; groep; groeperen; indelen; ordenen; rangeren; rangschikken; schiften; sorteren; systematiseren; uitzoeken