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Detailed Translations for zich from Dutch to English


Translation Matrix for zich:

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herself zich; zichzelf
himself zich; zichzelf
oneself zich; zichzelf

Related Definitions for "zich":

  1. wederkerend1
    • hij wast zich1

Wiktionary Translations for zich:

  1. present itself
  2. to interfere in affairs
  3. act submissively
  4. bow deeply
  5. kneel such that forehead touches ground
  6. clothe
  7. survive; to do well enough
  8. to make a mistake in one’s lines
  9. be delighted
  10. be an epitome
  11. establish financial position
  12. put on clothes
  13. chemistry: to undergo dissociation
  14. to part, stop associating
  15. to make unrelated
  16. join conversation
  17. to settle
  18. to perform one’s part
  19. to clear one’s self
  20. retreat from one's objective
  21. misspeak; say something embarrassing or wrong
  22. ask a question
  23. move back, move away
  24. make a firm decision
  25. to turn away
  1. (reflexive) male person as the previously mentioned object

Cross Translation:
zich himself; herself; itself; oneself sichReflexivpronomen der dritten Person Singular
zich themselves sichReflexivpronomen der dritten Person Plural
zich himself; herself; itself; oneself; themselves sepronom personnel de la troisième personne des deux genres et des deux nombres, utilisé comme complément d’objet d’un verbe transitif direct ou indirect.
zich usurp usurper — S’emparer, par violence ou par ruse, d’un bien, d’une souveraineté, d’une dignité, etc.

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