Detailed Translations for nullify from English to German


to nullify verb (nullifies, nullified, nullifying)

  1. to nullify (annul; cancel; undo)
    • tilgen verb (tilge, tilgst, tilgt, tilgte, tilgtet, getilgt)
  2. to nullify (cancel; abolish; annul; undo)
    annullieren; aufheben; widerrufen
    • aufheben verb (hebe auf, hiebst auf, hieb auf, hob auf, hobt auf, aufgehoben)
    • widerrufen verb (widerrufe, widerrufst, widerruft, widerrief, widerrieft, widerrufen)
  3. to nullify (rescind; annul; undo)
    annulieren; lösen; absagen; abbestellen; rückgängig machen
    • annulieren verb (annuliere, annulierst, annuliert, annulierte, annuliertet, annuliert)
    • lösen verb (löse, löst, lösest, löste, löstet, gelöst)
    • absagen verb (sage ab, sagst ab, sagt ab, sagte ab, sagtet ab, abgesagt)
    • rückgängig machen verb (mache rückgängig, machst rückgängig, macht rückgängig, machte rückgängig, machtet rückgängig, rückgängig gemacht)

Conjugations for nullify:

  1. nullify
  2. nullify
  3. nullifies
  4. nullify
  5. nullify
  6. nullify
simple past
  1. nullified
  2. nullified
  3. nullified
  4. nullified
  5. nullified
  6. nullified
present perfect
  1. have nullified
  2. have nullified
  3. has nullified
  4. have nullified
  5. have nullified
  6. have nullified
past continuous
  1. was nullifying
  2. were nullifying
  3. was nullifying
  4. were nullifying
  5. were nullifying
  6. were nullifying
  1. shall nullify
  2. will nullify
  3. will nullify
  4. shall nullify
  5. will nullify
  6. will nullify
continuous present
  1. am nullifying
  2. are nullifying
  3. is nullifying
  4. are nullifying
  5. are nullifying
  6. are nullifying
  1. be nullified
  2. be nullified
  3. be nullified
  4. be nullified
  5. be nullified
  6. be nullified
  1. nullify!
  2. let's nullify!
  3. nullified
  4. nullifying
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

Translation Matrix for nullify:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
aufheben ado; commotion; fuss; song and dance; to-do
VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
abbestellen annul; nullify; rescind; undo annul; cancel; render thanks; rescind; say thank you to; thank
absagen annul; nullify; rescind; undo abandon; annul; cancel; cancel an appointment; desist; hold up; postpone; render thanks; rescind; resign; say thank you to; terminate; thank
annulieren annul; nullify; rescind; undo annul; cancel; rescind
annullieren abolish; annul; cancel; nullify; undo cancel; neutralise; neutralize; undo; unhitch; unpick
aufheben abolish; annul; cancel; nullify; undo abolish; annul; archivate; break up; build; cancel; clean; clear away; collect; conserve; disband; dissolve; document; erect; establish; file; gather; glean; guard from; heave; keep; lay; lift; lift up; melt away; neutralise; neutralize; organise; organize; pay for; pay off; pick up; place; preserve; put; put away; put down; raise; rescind; save; set up; shield; shut down; store; tidy up; undo; unhitch; unpick
lösen annul; nullify; rescind; undo adjourn; break down; break up; collapse; crumble; disentangle; disintegrate; dissolve; fall apart; fall to bits; fall to pieces; fire; fire a shot; fusillade; get undone; loosen; pull out; release; set free; sever; shoot; solve; unbutton; undo; unhitch; unlace; unpick; unpin; unravel; unriddle; untie; work loose
rückgängig machen annul; nullify; rescind; undo annul; cancel; rescind; slacken; undo; unhitch; unpick
tilgen annul; cancel; nullify; undo disqualify; expel; interchange; make even; pay; pay on account; reappoint; redeem; replace; settle; substitute; swap; undo; unhitch; unpick
widerrufen abolish; annul; cancel; nullify; undo recall; recant; repeal; reverse; revoke
- annul; avoid; invalidate; negate; neutralise; neutralize; quash; void

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Related Definitions for "nullify":

  1. make ineffective by counterbalancing the effect of1
  2. show to be invalid1
  3. declare invalid1

Wiktionary Translations for nullify:

  1. to make legally invalid

Cross Translation:
nullify annullieren; für null und nichtig erklären; kassieren abroger — Rendre nul. principalement en parlant de lois, de coutumes
nullify abschaffen; aufheben; niederschlagen; einstellen; annullieren; für null und nichtig erklären; kassieren annulerrendre nul.