Detailed Translations for pay off from English to German

pay off:

to pay off verb (pays off, paid off, paying off)

  1. to pay off (pay for)
    begleichen; abrechnen; auflösen; abzahlen; freikaufen; abtragen; schließen; liquidieren; aufheben
    • begleichen verb (begleiche, begleichst, begleicht, beglich, beglicht, beglichen)
    • abrechnen verb (rechne ab, rechnst ab, rechnt ab, rechnte ab, rechntet ab, abgerechnet)
    • auflösen verb (löse auf, löst auf, löste auf, löstet auf, aufgelöst)
    • abzahlen verb (zahle ab, zahlst ab, zahlt ab, zahlte ab, zahltet ab, abgezahlt)
    • freikaufen verb (kaufe frei, kaufst frei, kauft frei, kaufte frei, kauftet frei, freigekauft)
    • abtragen verb (trage ab, trägst ab, trägt ab, trug ab, trugt ab, abgetragen)
    • schließen verb (schließe, schließest, schließt, schloß, schloßt, geschlossen)
    • liquidieren verb (liquidiere, liquidierst, liquidiert, liquidierte, liquidiertet, liquidiert)
    • aufheben verb (hebe auf, hiebst auf, hieb auf, hob auf, hobt auf, aufgehoben)
  2. to pay off (pay)
    bezahlen; auszahlen; entgelten; belohnen; besolden
    • bezahlen verb (bezahle, bezahlst, bezahlt, bezahlte, bezahltet, bezahlt)
    • auszahlen verb (zahle aus, zahlst aus, zahlt aus, zahlte aus, zahltet aus, ausgezahlt)
    • entgelten verb (entgelte, entgeltest, entgeltet, entgeltete, entgeltetet, entgeltet)
    • belohnen verb (belohne, belohnst, belohnt, belohnte, belohntet, belohnt)
    • besolden verb (besolde, besoldest, besoldet, besoldete, besoldetet, besoldet)

Conjugations for pay off:

  1. pay off
  2. pay off
  3. pays off
  4. pay off
  5. pay off
  6. pay off
simple past
  1. paid off
  2. paid off
  3. paid off
  4. paid off
  5. paid off
  6. paid off
present perfect
  1. have paid off
  2. have paid off
  3. has paid off
  4. have paid off
  5. have paid off
  6. have paid off
past continuous
  1. was paying off
  2. were paying off
  3. was paying off
  4. were paying off
  5. were paying off
  6. were paying off
  1. shall pay off
  2. will pay off
  3. will pay off
  4. shall pay off
  5. will pay off
  6. will pay off
continuous present
  1. am paying off
  2. are paying off
  3. is paying off
  4. are paying off
  5. are paying off
  6. are paying off
  1. be paid off
  2. be paid off
  3. be paid off
  4. be paid off
  5. be paid off
  6. be paid off
  1. pay off!
  2. let's pay off!
  3. paid off
  4. paying off
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

Translation Matrix for pay off:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
aufheben ado; commotion; fuss; song and dance; to-do
VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
abrechnen pay for; pay off make even; pay; pay on account; pay up; settle
abtragen pay for; pay off accompany; acquit oneself of; become worn; carry away; carry off; destruct; devastate; eliminate; exhaust; get worn out; hand over; interchange; lay waste; liquidate; reappoint; replace; rip; ruin; sap; see off; substitute; swap; take away; take in; transfer; wear out; work to death; wreck
abzahlen pay for; pay off
aufheben pay for; pay off abolish; annul; archivate; break up; build; cancel; clean; clear away; collect; conserve; disband; dissolve; document; erect; establish; file; gather; glean; guard from; heave; keep; lay; lift; lift up; melt away; neutralise; neutralize; nullify; organise; organize; pick up; place; preserve; put; put away; put down; raise; rescind; save; set up; shield; shut down; store; tidy up; undo; unhitch; unpick
auflösen pay for; pay off abolish; adjourn; break down; break open; break up; collapse; crack; crumble; decipher; decode; detect; disband; discover; disentangle; disentwine; disintegrate; dissolve; explode; fall apart; fall to bits; fall to pieces; force open; get undone; go separate ways; loosen; melt away; part; pull out; release; resolve; reveal; separate; set free; sever; shut down; solve; split up; spot; tear open; unlace; unpick; unravel; untie; work loose
auszahlen pay; pay off honor; honour; pay; remunerate; repay; reward
begleichen pay for; pay off
belohnen pay; pay off compensate for; counterbalance; honor; honour; make good; pay; remunerate; repay; reward
besolden pay; pay off honor; honour; pay; remunerate; repay; reward
bezahlen pay; pay off acquit oneself of; honor; honour; pay; pay dearly; remunerate; repay; reward
entgelten pay; pay off atone for; compensate for; counterbalance; expiate; have to pay for; honor; honour; make good; pay; pay for one's mistake's; remunerate; repay; reward; suffer
freikaufen pay for; pay off buy off; ransom; redeem
liquidieren pay for; pay off demolish; destruct; devastate; disband; dismantle; eliminate; exhaust; lay waste; liquidate; ruin; wear out; work to death; wreck
schließen pay for; pay off besiege; besieged; besieges; bind; bring to a close; bring to a conclusion; bring to an end; button up; caulk; click shut; close; close tight; come to an end; conclude; cover; decide; deduce; deduct; demarcate; dismiss; draw; encapsulate; enclose; end; evnvelope; fence off; fill gaps; finish; finish off; lock; plug; pull shut; pull to; put under seal; resolve; seal; shut; stop; stop holes; stop up; surround; terminate; turn off; wind up; wrap up
- buy off; compensate; fix; get; liquidate; make up; pay; pay back; redeem

Synonyms for "pay off":

Related Definitions for "pay off":

  1. take vengeance on or get even1
  2. do or give something to somebody in return1
  3. pay off (loans or promissory notes)1
  4. pay someone with influence in order to receive a favor1
  5. yield a profit or result1
  6. eliminate by paying off (debts)1

Wiktionary Translations for pay off:

pay off
  1. to bribe, especially to deter oversight
  2. to become worthwhile; to produce a net benefit
  3. to pay back (repay, pay off) the entirety of a loan, thereby effecting the release of a lien on
pay off
  1. -
  1. Vergeltung für empfundenes Unrecht

Cross Translation:
pay off tilgen aflossen — geheel of gedeeltelijk voldoen
pay off absolvieren; freisprechen; lossprechen acquitterrendre quitte, libérer des dettes. Il se dit en parlant des personne et des choses.

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