Detailed Translations for redeem from English to German


to redeem verb (redeems, redeemed, redeeming)

  1. to redeem
    • tilgen verb (tilge, tilgst, tilgt, tilgte, tilgtet, getilgt)
  2. to redeem (restore; redress)
    wiederherstellen; in Ordnung bringen; instandsetzen; reparieren
  3. to redeem (set free; release; deliver; rescue)
    erlösen; befreien; entsetzen; entbinden; entheben; von Belagerern befreien
    • erlösen verb (erlöse, erlöst, erlöste, erlöstet, erlöst)
    • befreien verb (befreie, befreist, befreit, befreite, befreitet, befreit)
    • entsetzen verb (entsetze, entsetzt, entsetzte, entsetztet, entsetzt)
    • entbinden verb (entbinde, entbindest, entband, entbandet, entbunden)
    • entheben verb (enthebe, enthebst, enthebt, enthobe, enthobet, enthoben)
  4. to redeem (buy off; ransom)
    freikaufen; loskaufen
    • freikaufen verb (kaufe frei, kaufst frei, kauft frei, kaufte frei, kauftet frei, freigekauft)
    • loskaufen verb (kaufe los, käufst los, käuft los, kaufte los, kauftet los, losgekauft)

Conjugations for redeem:

  1. redeem
  2. redeem
  3. redeems
  4. redeem
  5. redeem
  6. redeem
simple past
  1. redeemed
  2. redeemed
  3. redeemed
  4. redeemed
  5. redeemed
  6. redeemed
present perfect
  1. have redeemed
  2. have redeemed
  3. has redeemed
  4. have redeemed
  5. have redeemed
  6. have redeemed
past continuous
  1. was redeeming
  2. were redeeming
  3. was redeeming
  4. were redeeming
  5. were redeeming
  6. were redeeming
  1. shall redeem
  2. will redeem
  3. will redeem
  4. shall redeem
  5. will redeem
  6. will redeem
continuous present
  1. am redeeming
  2. are redeeming
  3. is redeeming
  4. are redeeming
  5. are redeeming
  6. are redeeming
  1. be redeemed
  2. be redeemed
  3. be redeemed
  4. be redeemed
  5. be redeemed
  6. be redeemed
  1. redeem!
  2. let's redeem!
  3. redeemed
  4. redeeming
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

redeem [the ~] noun

  1. the redeem (paying off; paying for)
  2. the redeem (making up for; atoning for)
    Ausgleichen; Gutmachen

Translation Matrix for redeem:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
Abbezahlen paying for; paying off; redeem
Ausgleichen atoning for; making up for; redeem compensation
Gutmachen atoning for; making up for; redeem
VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
befreien deliver; redeem; release; rescue; set free be freed from; be liberated; clear; disengage; free; let go; liberate; release; rid of; set at liberty; set free; strip
entbinden deliver; redeem; release; rescue; set free adjourn; allow; break down; bred; bring a child into the world; bring forth; calve; clear; disengage; free; give birth; give birth to; let free; let go; litter; relieve someone of an obligation; sever
entheben deliver; redeem; release; rescue; set free be discharged; cast out; clear; clear the table; deprive of; discharge; dismiss; empty the table; fire; lay off; oust; relieve someone of an obligation; remove; sack; throw out
entsetzen deliver; redeem; release; rescue; set free abhor; alarm; be horrified; deprive of; disconcert; have a horror; loathe; oust; remove; shudder; startle
erlösen deliver; redeem; release; rescue; set free clear; disengage; free; let go; liberate; release; set at liberty; set free
freikaufen buy off; ransom; redeem pay for; pay off
in Ordnung bringen redeem; redress; restore finish; fix; have ended; have finished
instandsetzen redeem; redress; restore
loskaufen buy off; ransom; redeem
reparieren redeem; redress; restore fix; mend; overhaul; patch; repair; restore
tilgen redeem annul; cancel; disqualify; expel; interchange; make even; nullify; pay; pay on account; reappoint; replace; settle; substitute; swap; undo; unhitch; unpick
von Belagerern befreien deliver; redeem; release; rescue; set free
wiederherstellen redeem; redress; restore exchange; fix; interchange; mend; patch; recover; redevelop; renew; renovate; repair; restore; resume; revert; swap; trade
- deliver; pay off; ransom; save

Related Words for "redeem":

Synonyms for "redeem":

Related Definitions for "redeem":

  1. convert into cash; of commercial papers1
  2. pay off (loans or promissory notes)1
  3. exchange or buy back for money; under threat1
  4. to turn in (vouchers or coupons) and receive something in exchange1
  5. restore the honor or worth of1
  6. save from sins1

Wiktionary Translations for redeem:

  1. to recover ownership of something by paying a sum
  2. to liberate by payment of ransom
  3. to set free by force
  4. to save, rescue, recover
  5. to repair, restore
  6. to change for the better, reform
  7. to restore the reputation, honour of ...

Cross Translation:
redeem loskaufen; freikaufen; erlösen racheteracheter ce qu’on a vendre ou ce qui a été vendu.