Detailed Translations for file from English to Spanish


file [the ~] noun

  1. the file (dossier)
    la carpeta; el archivador
  2. the file (dossier)
    el dossier; el expediente
  3. the file
    la lima
  4. the file (line; queue; row)
    la columna
  5. the file (rank; row; line)
    la fila; la cola; la raya; la línea; la serie; el orden; la barra; la tira
  6. the file (index; register)
    el índice; la tabla; la carpeta; el registro; el fuelle; el catastro; el libro principal
  7. the file (joint; rank)
    el orden; la fila; la serie
  8. the file
    – A collection of information that is stored on a computer under a single name. 1
    el archivo

to file verb (files, filed, filing)

  1. to file (archivate; store; document; organize; organise)
  2. to file

Conjugations for file:

  1. file
  2. file
  3. files
  4. file
  5. file
  6. file
simple past
  1. filed
  2. filed
  3. filed
  4. filed
  5. filed
  6. filed
present perfect
  1. have filed
  2. have filed
  3. has filed
  4. have filed
  5. have filed
  6. have filed
past continuous
  1. was filing
  2. were filing
  3. was filing
  4. were filing
  5. were filing
  6. were filing
  1. shall file
  2. will file
  3. will file
  4. shall file
  5. will file
  6. will file
continuous present
  1. am filing
  2. are filing
  3. is filing
  4. are filing
  5. are filing
  6. are filing
  1. be filed
  2. be filed
  3. be filed
  4. be filed
  5. be filed
  6. be filed
  1. file!
  2. let's file!
  3. filed
  4. filing
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

Translation Matrix for file:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
archivador dossier; file clip binding; clip board; folder; ring binder; writing-case
archivo file almanac; annals; annual; archive; archives; data-bank; database; files; folders; records; writing-case; yearbook
barra file; line; rank; row balcony; baluster; bar; bar of chocolate; barrel; beam; café; inn; liquor cabinet; noise level; public house; sitting bar; sitting stick; sound intensity; sound level; sound volume; tavern; tub; volume
carpeta dossier; file; index; register clacker; clapper; clatter; clip binding; clip board; cracker; cuff; cuff link; folder; phone index; rattle; tattler; writing-case
catastro file; index; register Offices of the land registry; land register; register of real property
cola file; line; rank; row adhesive; chain; deposit; glue; patina; queue; sequence; series; string
columna file; line; queue; row column; mainstay; pile; pillar; post
dossier dossier; file
expediente dossier; file conferrer; documents; pieces of evidence; supporting documents
fila file; joint; line; rank; row bar of chocolate; chain; classification; classifying; order of rank; rank; record; row; sequence; series; string; succession
fuelle file; index; register bellows; female informer; female spy; tell-tale
libro principal file; index; register Offices of the land registry; land register
lima file
línea file; line; rank; row association; bond; connection; crease; facial line; furrow; junction; liaison; line; link; pen line; relation; relationship; shark; streak; stripe; stroke of the pen; wrinkle
orden file; joint; line; rank; row announcement; assignment; building; by-law; candor; candour; chain; chicanery; civility; command; construction; courtesy; courtliness; decency; decision; defining; detachment; determination; discipline; establishment; etiquette; existing order; faultlessness; fixing; frankness; fuss; gallantry; good breeding; good manners; hassle; hotchpotch; impeccability; instruction; irreprochability; joy; jumble; light-heartedness; manners; medley; merriment; mirth; mishmash; neatness; notification; open-heartedness; order; orderliness; ordinance; perfection; pleasure; propriety; purity; regularity; regulation; regulations; respectability; rules; sequence; series; soundness; spotlessness; stainlessness; string; submission; subpoena; succession; summons; tidiness; trouble making
raya file; line; rank; row bar of chocolate; crease; dividing wall; facial line; fence; fencing; furrow; hair ribbon; headband; line; noise level; partition; pen line; ray; ribbon; septum; shark; sound intensity; sound level; sound volume; streak; stripe; stroke of the pen; thornback; volume; wrinkle
registro file; index; register allusion; enrollment; enrolment; entry; event logging; frisk; frisking; hint; index; innuendo; list; log; logging; phone index; publicity; record; recording; reference; register; registration; reservation; row; schedule; search; table; table of contents; writing-case
serie file; joint; line; rank; row barge train; chain; chainlet; circlet; concatenation; cyclus; gamma; gamut; ring; row; scale; sequence; series; spectrum; string; succession; train
tabla file; index; register bars; board; bolts; cracker; drying frame; godsend; grate; lattice; lattice-works; list; noise level; plank; pleasant surprise; rack; schedule; screen; shelf; shelve; shelves; sive; sound intensity; sound level; sound volume; stroke of unexpected luck; table; trellis work; volume; windfall
tira file; line; rank; row hair ribbon; headband; label; noise level; ribbon; sound intensity; sound level; sound volume; strip; volume
índice file; index; register clacker; clapper; clatter; cracker; forefinger; godsend; guide number; index; index figure; index finger; index number; pleasant surprise; rattle; stroke of unexpected luck; table of contents; tattler; windfall
- Indian file; data file; file cabinet; filing cabinet; single file
VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
archivar archivate; document; file; organise; organize; store archive; gather; pack together; pack up; range together; scrape together
limar file grind away; polish off
- charge; file away; lodge; register
Not SpecifiedRelated TranslationsOther Translations
columna column
orden Z order; order; stack order; z order; z-order
OtherRelated TranslationsOther Translations
- binder; dossier; file of documents

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Synonyms for "file":

Related Definitions for "file":

  1. a steel hand tool with small sharp teeth on some or all of its surfaces; used for smoothing wood or metal2
  2. office furniture consisting of a container for keeping papers in order2
  3. a set of related records (either written or electronic) kept together2
  4. a line of persons or things ranged one behind the other2
  5. file a formal charge against2
  6. place in a container for keeping records2
  7. record in a public office or in a court of law2
    • file for divorce2
    • file a complaint2
  8. smooth with a file2
    • file one's fingernails2
  9. proceed in line2
    • The students filed into the classroom2
  10. A collection of information that is stored on a computer under a single name.1

Wiktionary Translations for file:

  1. to smooth with a file
  1. cutting or smoothing tool
  2. column of people
  3. computer terminology
  4. collection of papers

Cross Translation:
file archivo; fichero DateiEDV: auf einem Datenträger gespeicherte und durch einen Namen identifizierte Daten
file archivar; encarpetar; encuardernar einheftenSchriftgut:
file expediente Akte — Sammlung von Aufzeichnungen, die inhaltlich zusammengehören
file actuación judicial; acción judicial Akt — juristisches Verfahren, Rechtsvorgang
file expediente dossier — een aantal documenten, nota's en eventuele andere objecten die samen een geheel vormen
file archivo bestand — een verzameling van gegevens die een eenheid vormen
file expediente; legajo; carpeta; dossier dossier — Liasse de documents administratifs
file depositar déposer — Traductions à trier suivant le sens
file fichero; archivo fichier — Informatique : contenant virtuel
file fila filesuite ou rangée de choses ou de personnes disposer en long et l’une derrière l’autre.
file lima lime — technique|nocat=1 Outil qui sert à dégrossir, à couper, à polir des métaux
file limar limerdégrossir, amenuiser, polir avec la lime.
file fila; hilera rangée — Traductions à trier suivant le sens

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