Detailed Translations for hoard from English to Spanish


to hoard verb (hoards, hoarded, hoarding)

  1. to hoard (pot; store)
    – get or gather together 1

Conjugations for hoard:

  1. hoard
  2. hoard
  3. hoards
  4. hoard
  5. hoard
  6. hoard
simple past
  1. hoarded
  2. hoarded
  3. hoarded
  4. hoarded
  5. hoarded
  6. hoarded
present perfect
  1. have hoarded
  2. have hoarded
  3. has hoarded
  4. have hoarded
  5. have hoarded
  6. have hoarded
past continuous
  1. was hoarding
  2. were hoarding
  3. was hoarding
  4. were hoarding
  5. were hoarding
  6. were hoarding
  1. shall hoard
  2. will hoard
  3. will hoard
  4. shall hoard
  5. will hoard
  6. will hoard
continuous present
  1. am hoarding
  2. are hoarding
  3. is hoarding
  4. are hoarding
  5. are hoarding
  6. are hoarding
  1. be hoarded
  2. be hoarded
  3. be hoarded
  4. be hoarded
  5. be hoarded
  6. be hoarded
  1. hoard!
  2. let's hoard!
  3. hoarded
  4. hoarding
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

Translation Matrix for hoard:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
separar disconnecting; disconnection; dispersing; removing; separating; uncoupling; unhooking
- cache; stash
VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
acumular a escondidas hoard; pot; store
atesorar hoard; pot; store
entalegar hoard; pot; store
guardar hoard; pot; store close; conserve; cover; don't let go of; draw; fence in; fence off; guard; guard from; herd; hide away; hold; keep; keep and eye on; keep at home; keep up; keep watch over; lay up; lock up; look on; maintain; monitor; observe; patrol; preserve; protect; put away; put in safety; put up; restrain; retain; safeguard; salvage; save; seclude; secure; separate; set apart; shield; shut; stash away; stock; store; stuff away; supervise; tuck away; watch; watch over
plantar en tiesto hoard; pot; store
poner aparte hoard; pot; store dissociate from; isolate; place apart; put aside; put away; reserve; seclude; separate; set apart; set aside; stow away
separar hoard; pot; store adjourn; break down; break up; cleave; collect; come round for; crack; declutch; depress the clutch; deprive of; differentiate; disconnect; dissociate from; divide; divorce; excerpt; extract; fetch; get undone; isolate; itemise; itemize; oust; part; pick up; place apart; pull off; pull out; remove; rip off; seclude; secluding; separate; set apart; sever; split; split off; split up; strip off; take; take along; take away; tear loose; tear off; uncouple; unpick; untie
- accumulate; amass; cache; collect; compile; hive up; lay away; pile up; roll up; squirrel away; stash

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Synonyms for "hoard":

Related Definitions for "hoard":

  1. a secret store of valuables or money1
  2. get or gather together1
  3. save up as for future use1

Wiktionary Translations for hoard:

  1. to amass
  1. archeology: cache of valuable objects
  2. hidden supply

Cross Translation:
hoard acopiar; acaparar hamsteren — een voorraad aanleggen bij voedselschaarste