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punched adj

  1. punched

Translation Matrix for punched:

ModifierRelated TranslationsOther Translations
stampad punched

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to punch verb (punches, punched, punching)

  1. to punch (die-cut)
    klippa; stansa; stampa; slå hål i med puns
    • klippa verb (klippar, klippade, klippat)
    • stansa verb (stansar, stansade, stansat)
    • stampa verb (stampar, stampade, stampat)
    • slå hål i med puns verb (slår hål i med puns, slog hål i med puns, slagit hål i med puns)
  2. to punch (thump; push)
    banka; hamra; dunka; bulta; klampa; klappra
    • banka verb (bankar, bankade, bankat)
    • hamra verb (hamrar, hamrade, hamrat)
    • dunka verb (dunkar, dunkade, dunkat)
    • bulta verb (bultar, bultade, bultat)
    • klampa verb (klampar, klampade, klampat)
    • klappra verb (klapprar, klapprade, klapprat)
  3. to punch (belt; clip)
    • slå verb (slår, slog, slagit)

Conjugations for punch:

  1. punch
  2. punch
  3. punches
  4. punch
  5. punch
  6. punch
simple past
  1. punched
  2. punched
  3. punched
  4. punched
  5. punched
  6. punched
present perfect
  1. have punched
  2. have punched
  3. has punched
  4. have punched
  5. have punched
  6. have punched
past continuous
  1. was punching
  2. were punching
  3. was punching
  4. were punching
  5. were punching
  6. were punching
  1. shall punch
  2. will punch
  3. will punch
  4. shall punch
  5. will punch
  6. will punch
continuous present
  1. am punching
  2. are punching
  3. is punching
  4. are punching
  5. are punching
  6. are punching
  1. be punched
  2. be punched
  3. be punched
  4. be punched
  5. be punched
  6. be punched
  1. punch!
  2. let's punch!
  3. punched
  4. punching
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

punch [the ~] noun

  1. the punch
  2. the punch
  3. the punch
  4. the punch (nudge; whopper; wallop; )
    – (boxing) a blow with the fist 1
    stöt; duns; slag; knuff; örfil
  5. the punch (nudge; push; shove; )
    slag; stöt; dunk; bump; lätt knuff
  6. the punch (blows with the fist; smacks; physical violence)
  7. the punch (wallop; clout; smack; slap)
    – (boxing) a blow with the fist 1
    stöt; knuff; puff


  1. punch (perforate)
  2. punch
  3. punch

Translation Matrix for punch:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
bump blow; buffer; bump; bumper; jab; nudge; punch; push; shove; thrust
dunk blow; buffer; bump; bumper; jab; nudge; punch; push; shove; thrust bump; thud; thump
duns blow; clout; jab; nudge; punch; wallop; whopper bump; thud; thump
klippa boulder; cliff; reef; rock; shallows; stone
knuff blow; clout; jab; nudge; punch; slap; smack; wallop; whopper nudge; thrust
knytnävsslag punch
kort slag punch
käftsmällar blows with the fist; physical violence; punch; smacks
lätt knuff blow; buffer; bump; bumper; jab; nudge; punch; push; shove; thrust
puff clout; punch; slap; smack; wallop burst; drag; gleam; nudge; puff; pull; waft; whiff
punch punch
slag blow; buffer; bump; bumper; clout; jab; nudge; punch; push; shove; thrust; wallop; whopper belts; blow; clips; clouts; clump; kind; knock; lapel; plashing; punches; shocks; slap; sloshing; smack; wallops
slå hit; smash; smash hit; smasher; winner
snytingar blows with the fist; physical violence; punch; smacks
stämpel punch hallmark; impress; imprint; seal; seals; stamp; stamps
stöt blow; buffer; bump; bumper; clout; jab; nudge; punch; push; shove; slap; smack; thrust; wallop; whopper bump; bumping; jolting; thrust; thud; thump
örfil blow; clout; jab; nudge; punch; wallop; whopper blow; box on the ear; punch on the jaw; slap; slap in the face; smack
- biff; clout; lick; poke; puncher; slug
VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
banka punch; push; thump bank; put money in the bank; save; spare
bulta punch; push; thump bang; drum; ground; hammer; palpitate; pound; spike; throb; tremble
dunka punch; push; thump clack; clapper; clatter; pound
hamra punch; push; thump bang; drum; ground; hammer; hit; pound; slap; smack; spike
klampa punch; push; thump clatter; clump; walk heavily
klappra punch; push; thump clatter; clump
klippa die-cut; punch cut; edit; play with effect; reap; snap; sting
slå belt; clip; punch ache; bang; batter; beat; bruise; contuse; hammer; hit; hurt; injure; mow; pound; quell; slam; slap; smack; smash; strike; thump; wound
slå hål i med puns die-cut; punch
stampa die-cut; punch drum into a person's head; stamp in; walk heavily
stansa die-cut; punch
- perforate; plug
OtherRelated TranslationsOther Translations
hålslå perforate; punch
puns punch
punsa punch
stöt impact

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Synonyms for "punch":

Related Definitions for "punch":

  1. (boxing) a blow with the fist1
    • He landed a hard punch to the gut.2
  2. a tool for making holes or indentations1
  3. an iced mixed drink usually containing alcohol and prepared for multiple servings; normally served in a punch bowl1
  4. deliver a quick blow to1
    • he punched me in the stomach1
  5. make a hole into or between, as for ease of separation1
  6. drive forcibly as if by a punch1
    • the nail punched through the wall1

Wiktionary Translations for punch:

  1. hit or strike with one's fist
  2. mechanism for punching holes in paper
  3. beverage
  1. to strike something or someone with one's fist

Cross Translation:
punch bål Bowlekaltes, alkoholisches Mischgetränk auf Weißweinbasis, häufig mit Fruchtstücken
punch knytnävsslag Faustschlag — Schlag mit der Faust
punch hålslag Locher — ein Gerät, mit dem Loch mit festem Abstand in Papier stanzen werden
punch stöt Schlag — eine starke, impulsartige Krafteinwirkung, meist vermittelt durch einen Gegenstand
punch borra percer — Traverser en faisant un trou, une ouverture. (Sens général).
punch genomborra; perforera perforerpercer une enveloppe résistante.