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  1. enhet


  1. enhet
    the device
    – Any piece of equipment that can be attached physically or wirelessly to a network or computer, for example, printers, keyboards, external disk drives, or other peripheral equipment. Devices normally require a device driver to function with Windows. 1
  2. enhet
    the drive
    – An area of storage that is formatted with a file system and has a drive letter. The storage can be a floppy disk, a CD or DVD, a hard disk, or another type of disk. 1
  3. enhet
    the unit
    – A measurement that specifies in what quantity a product will be sold. 1
  4. enhet (entitet; extern innehållstyp)
    the entity; the external content type
    – An object (such as a customer, item, or employee) that shares a set of defined attributes or characteristics, and that is used to manage rules for data. 1

Translation Matrix for enhet:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
device enhet apparat; apparatur; maskin; maskineri; mekanism; mobiltelefon; slagord; utrustning
drive enhet begär; bilresa; diskenhet; drift; drivkraft; energi; exkursion; fart; ingång; initiativ; kampanj; kläm; kraft; köra; lyft; motor; människojakt; puff uppåt; resa; ridtur; starkt behov; tripp; tur; uppsving; utflykt; åktur
entity enhet; entitet; extern innehållstyp entitet; posttyp
external content type enhet; entitet; extern innehållstyp
unit enhet enformighet; likhet
unity enformighet; enhällighet; enighet; enstämmighet; likhet; samstämmighet
VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
drive driva; driva på; egga upp; hetsa; jaga på; köra; köra hästar; piska på; påla; sitta vid ratten; skynda på; sporra; styra
OtherRelated TranslationsOther Translations
device devis
drive drive; framstöt; ratta; tränga
entity entitet
unit ental; entalsform; truppförband
unity enhet enhetlighet; sammanhållning

Synonyms for "enhet":

Wiktionary Translations for enhet:

  1. standard measure of a quantity
  2. organized group comprising people and/or equipment

Cross Translation:
enhet unit EinheitPhysik: messtechnische Vergleichsgröße
enhet unit EinheitMilitär: Gliederungsform von Truppenteilen unterhalb der Verbandsebene
enhet symbol; unit symbol EinheitensymbolAbkürzung für eine Maßeinheit physikalischer Größen
enhet unit; unity unité — Élément singulier, qui a le nombre un.

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