Detailed Translations for assault from English to Spanish


assault [the ~] noun

  1. the assault (hold up; raid)
    el ataque; la correría; el asalto; la redada; la rapiña; la idea; la incursión; la batida; la invasión; la incursiones; el merodeo; la razia; el ataque masivo
  2. the assault (storming; attack; run; )
    el ataque; el asalto
  3. the assault (attack)
    el atacar; el acometer
  4. the assault (violating; criminal assault)
    el violar
  5. the assault (armed robbery; hold-up)
    el atentado; el robo con asalto

to assault verb (assaults, assaulted, assaulting)

  1. to assault (attack; raid; lay violent hands upon; violate; storm)
  2. to assault (torture; molest; beat up; batter)
  3. to assault (assail)
  4. to assault (besiege; attack; raid; storm)
  5. to assault (use force)

Conjugations for assault:

  1. assault
  2. assault
  3. assaults
  4. assault
  5. assault
  6. assault
simple past
  1. assaulted
  2. assaulted
  3. assaulted
  4. assaulted
  5. assaulted
  6. assaulted
present perfect
  1. have assaulted
  2. have assaulted
  3. has assaulted
  4. have assaulted
  5. have assaulted
  6. have assaulted
past continuous
  1. was assaulting
  2. were assaulting
  3. was assaulting
  4. were assaulting
  5. were assaulting
  6. were assaulting
  1. shall assault
  2. will assault
  3. will assault
  4. shall assault
  5. will assault
  6. will assault
continuous present
  1. am assaulting
  2. are assaulting
  3. is assaulting
  4. are assaulting
  5. are assaulting
  6. are assaulting
  1. be assaulted
  2. be assaulted
  3. be assaulted
  4. be assaulted
  5. be assaulted
  6. be assaulted
  1. assault!
  2. let's assault!
  3. assaulted
  4. assaulting
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

Translation Matrix for assault:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
acometer assault; attack affecting; attacking; coming over; defamation; impairing; imputation; injuring; stealing over
asalto assault; attack; hold up; raid; run; rush; scaling; storming bankrobbery; street-robbery
atacar assault; attack affecting; attacking; defamation; impairing; imputation; injuring
ataque assault; attack; hold up; raid; run; rush; scaling; storming apoplectic stroke; brain haemorrhage; cerebral haemorrhage; gust of wind; nervous breakdown; squall; stroke
ataque masivo assault; hold up; raid crowd; gathering; group
atentado armed robbery; assault; hold-up attempted murder; impact
avanzar advancing; making progress; progressing
batida assault; hold up; raid
correría assault; hold up; raid raid
idea assault; hold up; raid angle; aspect; attitude; awareness; brightness; cleverness; conception; consciousness; conviction; creed; discernment; disposition; fabrication; fantasy; figment of the imagination; idea; illusion; image; imagination; inclination; insight; intelligence; intent; interpretation; meaning; notion; opinion; outlook; perception; perspective; phantasy; pipe dream; point of view; purport; reading; realisation; realization; sagacity; sense; smartness; stand; stature; tendency; tenor; thought; understanding; version; view; vision; way of thinking
incursiones assault; hold up; raid
incursión assault; hold up; raid bust; police raid; raid
invasión assault; hold up; raid bust; capture; conquest; invasion; overpowering; police raid; raid
merodeo assault; hold up; raid
rapiña assault; hold up; raid deprivation; despoilment; robbery; stripping
razia assault; hold up; raid raid; round-up; swoop
redada assault; hold up; raid bust; police raid; raid; round-up; swoop
robo con asalto armed robbery; assault; hold-up
violar assault; criminal assault; violating
- rape; ravishment; violation
VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
acometer assault; attack; lay violent hands upon; raid; storm; violate carve; coerce; compel; cut in; force; hew in; hold up; oblige; rob; suprise; surprise; take off guard
agraviar assault; use force abuse; aggrieve; call names; coerce; compel; defamate; force; hurt; hurt someone's feelings; jeer; jeer at; load; make heavier; oblige; offend; scoff at; slander; taunt; weight
agredir assault; attack; besiege; lay violent hands upon; raid; storm; violate
arrebatar assault; use force accuse; blame; discredit; force; hold against; hold it against s.o.; move house; nick; pilfer; pinch; rebuke; remove; reprimand; reproach; resent; shake off; snitch; steal; swipe; wrest from
asaltar assault; attack; besiege; lay violent hands upon; raid; storm; use force; violate assault someone; charge at; dart at; dash at; dash towards; dive into; force; hold up; jump into; leap into; plunder; rob; rush up to; snatch; suprise; surprise; take off guard
asediar assault; attack; besiege; raid; storm; use force force
atacar assault; attack; besiege; lay violent hands upon; raid; storm; use force; violate challenge; close; contest; desecrate; dishonor; dishonour; dispute; draw; force; question; rape; ravish; shut; strike; violate
atracar assault; use force desecrate; force; hold up; rob; suprise; surprise; take off guard; violate
avanzar assault; use force advance; ascend; bring forward; call for; climb; elapse; expire; force; go by; go onward; hasten; hurry; hurry up; make head-way; make progress; march on; order; pass; progress; rise; rush; stride along; to get promoted; walk on before
forzar assault; use force break open; coerce; compel; crack; decode; dishonor; dishonour; enforce; force; force open; kick open; oblige; oblige to; overburden; overload; rape; ravish; tear open; violate
imponer assault; use force charge; command respect; declare; force; give; insert; insist; inspire with awe; keep on; levy; oblige; persist; press; push on; push through; push trough; urge
infringir assault; use force coerce; compel; force; oblige; violate
maltratar assault; batter; beat up; molest; torture beat up; damage; hurt; injure; knock about; maul; whip
quebrantar assault; use force beat up; become defective; break; break down; break into pieces; burst open; come loose; crack; damage; desecrate; destroy; fall to pieces; give way; go to pieces; injure; knock about; maul; snap; spring open; violate; wreck
violar assault; use force abuse; assault someone; break in; defile; desecrate; dishonor; dishonour; misuse; rape; ravish; violate
violar a una mujer assail; assault
- assail; attack; dishonor; dishonour; lash out; outrage; rape; ravish; round; set on; snipe; violate
OtherRelated TranslationsOther Translations
- attack

Related Words for "assault":

Synonyms for "assault":

Related Definitions for "assault":

  1. a threatened or attempted physical attack by someone who appears to be able to cause bodily harm if not stopped1
  2. the crime of forcing a woman to submit to sexual intercourse against her will1
  3. close fighting during the culmination of a military attack1
  4. attack in speech or writing1
  5. attack someone physically or emotionally1
    • The mugger assaulted the woman1
  6. force (someone) to have sex against their will1

Wiktionary Translations for assault:

  1. to attack, threaten or harass
  1. a violent onset or attack

Cross Translation:
assault atentar vergrijpen — iemands iets onoorbaars of onzedigs aandoen
assault asaltar; atracar; acometer overvallen — bij verrassing iemand belagen of overweldigen
assault acometida; ataque aanval — een poging de tegenpartij geweld aan te doen of van zijn positie te beroven
assault asaltar aanranden — aantasten
assault atacar; acometer; asaltar überfallen — einen Raub durchführen
assault entrada; acceso; acometida; agresión; ataque accès — Action, endroit, ou facilité plus ou moins grande d’accéder dans un lieu, physique ou virtuel.
assault agredir; acometer; atacar agresser — attaquer
assault acometer; asaltar; saltear assaillir — propre|fr (figuré) attaquer vivement par surprise.
assault asalto; acometida assautattaque pour emporter de vif force une ville, une place de guerre, une position, etc.
assault ataque attaque — propre|nocat=1 Action d'attaquer
assault atacar; saltear; agredir; acometer; atracar attaquerassaillir par agression.
assault atentado attentatattaque criminelle ou illégale contre les personnes ou les choses.
assault atentar attentercommettre un attentat.

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