Detailed Translations for figures from English to Spanish


figures [the ~] noun

  1. the figures (individuals)
    el figuras

Translation Matrix for figures:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
figuras figures; individuals

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figure [the ~] noun

  1. the figure (number)
    el número; la cifra
  2. the figure (number)
    el número; la cifra; la nota
  3. the figure (shape)
    la aparición; la figura
  4. the figure (stature; posture; shape; build; size)
    la forma; la talla; la postura; el personaje; la aparición; la silueta; el tipo; el molde; la estatura; la figura; el aparecido; el modal
  5. the figure (character)
    el personaje; el tipo
  6. the figure (appearance; stature; build)
    la talla; el porte
  7. the figure (build; constitution; physique; stature)
    la constitución física; la constitución; la complexión; la contextura
  8. the figure (silhouette; shape)
    la forma; la figura
  9. the figure (shape; size; stature; build)
    la talla; la postura; la estatura
  10. the figure (madcap; dud; jerk; )
    el majareta; el chalado

to figure verb (figures, figured, figuring)

  1. to figure (pose)

Conjugations for figure:

  1. figure
  2. figure
  3. figures
  4. figure
  5. figure
  6. figure
simple past
  1. figured
  2. figured
  3. figured
  4. figured
  5. figured
  6. figured
present perfect
  1. have figured
  2. have figured
  3. has figured
  4. have figured
  5. have figured
  6. have figured
past continuous
  1. was figuring
  2. were figuring
  3. was figuring
  4. were figuring
  5. were figuring
  6. were figuring
  1. shall figure
  2. will figure
  3. will figure
  4. shall figure
  5. will figure
  6. will figure
continuous present
  1. am figuring
  2. are figuring
  3. is figuring
  4. are figuring
  5. are figuring
  6. are figuring
  1. be figured
  2. be figured
  3. be figured
  4. be figured
  5. be figured
  6. be figured
  1. figure!
  2. let's figure!
  3. figured
  4. figuring
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

Translation Matrix for figure:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
acabar finishing
aparecido build; figure; posture; shape; size; stature
aparición build; figure; posture; shape; size; stature announcement; apparition; appearance; attendance; declaration; disclosure; exterior; ghost; ghostly apparition; looks; phantom; proclamation; promulgation; publication; shadow; specter; spectre; spook; turnout; vision
chalado character; drip; dud; figure; idiot; jerk; madcap; madman drip; dud; lemon
cifra figure; number amount; cipher; code; cypher; dose; number; quantity; size
complexión build; constitution; figure; physique; stature building; construction; edifice; lot; premises; structure
constitución build; constitution; figure; physique; stature basic rule; character; constitution; disposition; establishment; foundation; founding; fundamental law; heart; installation; mind; soul
constitución física build; constitution; figure; physique; stature basic rule; constitution; frame; fundamental law; system
contextura build; constitution; figure; physique; stature
estatura build; figure; posture; shape; size; stature body height; building; chunk; construction; edifice; ghost; height; lot; part; piece; portion; premises; section; segment; shadow; structure
figura build; figure; posture; shape; silhouette; size; stature appearance; character; exterior; ghost; human; human being; individual; look; looks; man; person; shadow
forma build; figure; posture; shape; silhouette; size; stature be in good shape; cast; casting; casting mould; condition; conversion rate; course; course of action; course of behaviour; currency; etiquette; exchange rate; fit; form; formulating; ghost; good manners; gypsum; line of conduct; manner; mannerliness; matrix; method; methodology; mode; mold; rate; rate of exchange; shadow; shape; value; way
majareta character; drip; dud; figure; idiot; jerk; madcap; madman
modal build; figure; posture; shape; size; stature casting mould; matrix; mold
molde build; figure; posture; shape; size; stature cast; casting; casting mould; die; gypsum; hand-out; matrix; model; mold; mould; printing form; shape; stencil; template
nota figure; number account; bill; business note; grade; grading mark; invoice; mark; note; report; scrawl; scribble; scribbling
número figure; number Caller ID; amount; dose; grade; mark; number; quantity; size
personaje build; character; figure; posture; shape; size; stature character; human; human being; individual; lone wolf; loner; man; person
porte appearance; build; figure; stature cargo; freight; load; shipment
postura build; figure; posture; shape; size; stature attitude; attitude of mind; bearing; conviction; creed; deportment; disposition; grand manner; idea; inclination; laying; mental attitude; mental make-up; mentality; mind-set; notion; opinion; position; posture; stakes; state of mind; view
silueta build; figure; posture; shape; size; stature ghost; shadow
talla appearance; build; figure; posture; shape; size; stature body height; building; circumference; construction; demension; dimension; edifice; extent; height; lot; measure; measurement; premises; proportion; size; structure
tipo build; character; figure; posture; shape; size; stature announcement; bird; bloke; buster; category; chap; character; class; cove; creation; creature; dandy; declaration; disclosure; dude; fellow; fop; genre; gent; gentleman; guy; human; human being; individual; kind; lad; lone wolf; loner; man; mister; person; poultry; print letter; proclamation; publication; sort; style; type
- design; digit; fig; figure of speech; image; name; number; pattern; public figure; trope
VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
acabar figure; pose accomplish; bring to a close; bring to a conclusion; bring to an end; burn up; come to an end; complete; conclude; consume; draw to an end; drink; drink up; empty; end; finish; finish off; get done; get ready; get to the end of; have ended; have finished; read to the end; use up
actuar figure; pose accomplish; achieve; achieve something; act; act as; do; dramatise; dramatize; function as; perform; play; play-act; pretend; succeed
figurar figure; pose
hacer teatro figure; pose act; act a part; dramatise; dramatize; perform; play; play-act; pretend
participar en el juego figure; pose be a cast member; join in the game; play along with
poner en escena figure; pose act; mount; perform; stage
- calculate; cipher; compute; count on; cypher; enter; envision; estimate; fancy; forecast; image; picture; project; reckon; see; visualise; visualize; work out
Not SpecifiedRelated TranslationsOther Translations
forma shape
ModifierRelated TranslationsOther Translations
chalado bonkers; cracked; crackers; crazy; daft; foolish; funny; idiotic; insane; loony; mad; mixed up; muzzy; nuts; odd; potty; ridiculous; round the bend; silly; stark mad; stark raving mad; stark staring mad; stupid; weird
modal average; medium

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Related Definitions for "figure":

  1. a predetermined set of movements in dancing or skating1
    • she made the best score on compulsory figures1
  2. a decorative or artistic work1
  3. a model of a bodily form (especially of a person)1
    • he made a figure of Santa Claus1
  4. the impression produced by a person1
    • he cut a fine figure1
    • a heroic figure1
  5. the property possessed by a sum or total or indefinite quantity of units or individuals1
    • the figure was about a thousand1
  6. a unitary percept having structure and coherence that is the object of attention and that stands out against a ground1
  7. a diagram or picture illustrating textual material1
  8. language used in a figurative or nonliteral sense1
  9. a well-known or notable person1
    • she is an important figure in modern music1
  10. an amount of money expressed numerically1
    • a figure of $17 was suggested1
  11. one of the elements that collectively form a system of numeration1
  12. a combination of points and lines and planes that form a visible palpable shape1
  13. understand1
    • He didn't figure her1
  14. make a mathematical calculation or computation1
  15. judge to be probable1
  16. imagine; conceive of; see in one's mind1
  17. be or play a part of or in1
    • Elections figure prominently in every government program1
    • How do the elections figure in the current pattern of internal politics?1

Wiktionary Translations for figure:

  1. shape
  2. numeral
  3. person
  4. drawing
  1. to solve a problem

Cross Translation:
figure postura postuur — de vorm van een rechtopstaande mens
figure cifrar becijferen(muziek) notaties door cijfers aangeven
figure cifrar becijferen — door cijfers aanwijzen
figure cálculo Berechnung — zahlenmäßige Bestimmung eines Sachverhalts
figure estatuilla Figur — künstlerische Darstellung, Rolle, Charakter
figure personaje Gestalt — eine unbekannte, nicht oder nur der Form, dem Umriss nach, schemenhaft zu erkennende Person
figure número ZahlQuantität (das Wieviel), numerischer Wert
figure imagen; ilustración; figura Abbildung — etwas bildlich, grafisch, durch optische oder elektronische Verfahren oder symbolisch Dargestelltes, eine mehr oder weniger gute Kopie des eigentlichen, realen Bildes realer Gegenstände, Personen, Situationen,..
figure calcular; computar; contar calculerdéterminer un nombre au moyen d’un calcul, de calculs.
figure cifra chiffre — symbole utilisé pour écrire les nombres. (Sens général).
figure contar; calcular; computar compterdéterminer (une quantité, un nombre), plus particulièrement par un dénombrement, sinon par un calcul.
figure figurar figurer — Figurer
figure línea ligne — Traductions à trier suivant le sens
figure estatura; talla; medida; dimensión; extensión; tamaño taillecoupe ; manière dont on couper certaines choses, dont elles tailler.

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