Detailed Translations for tenderness from English to French


tenderness [the ~] noun

  1. the tenderness (daintiness; lovingness; warm heartedness; gentleness)
    la passion; la tendresse; la douceur
  2. the tenderness (affection; fondness)
    l'inclination; l'affection

Translation Matrix for tenderness:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
affection affection; fondness; tenderness affection; ailment; ardor; ardour; complaint; deceit; disease; disorder; falseness; falsity; fervor; fervour; illegitimacy; inclination; intimacy; love; spuriousness; trouble; warm heartedness
douceur daintiness; gentleness; lovingness; tenderness; warm heartedness amiability; clemency; consideration; forbearance; gentleness; indulgence; kind-heartedness; kindness; leniency; mercy; softness; sweetness; weakness
inclination affection; fondness; tenderness bend; bending; choice; curve; descent; fancy; frame of mind; humor; humour; inclination; incline; liking; mood; preference; ramp; slip; slope; taste; temper; tendency; tenor; trend; twisting
passion daintiness; gentleness; lovingness; tenderness; warm heartedness ambition; amorousness; amusement; ardor; ardour; assiduousness; being in love; craving; craze; dedication; desire; devotion; diligence; effusiveness; enthusiasm; exuberance; fascination; fervor; fervour; fierceness; fieriness; fire; frenzy; fun; heartiness; inspiration; intensity; interest; longing; lust; obsession; passion; pleasure; rankness; rapture; ravishment; sexual desire; urge; vehemence; verve; violence; wish; yearning; zeal; zest
tendresse daintiness; gentleness; lovingness; tenderness; warm heartedness affection; ardor; ardour; benign character; chumminess; companionableness; cosiness; coziness; fervor; fervour; goodness; intimacy; kind-heartedness; love; mildness; snugness; warm heartedness
- affection; affectionateness; fondness; heart; philia; rawness; softheartedness; soreness; tenderheartedness; warmheartedness; warmness

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Synonyms for "tenderness":

Related Definitions for "tenderness":

  1. a tendency to express warm and affectionate feeling1
  2. a feeling of concern for the welfare of someone (especially someone defenseless)1
  3. a positive feeling of liking1
  4. warm compassionate feelings1
  5. a pain that is felt (as when the area is touched)1
    • the best results are generally obtained by inserting the needle into the point of maximum tenderness1

Wiktionary Translations for tenderness:

  1. a tendency to express warm, compassionate feelings
  1. parole ou manières par lesquelles on cajoler.
  2. caresse câline, langage câlin.
  3. Qualité de ce qui est tendre.

Cross Translation:
tenderness tendresse Zärtlichkeitohne Plural: starke Zuneigung, der man Ausdruck verleihen will

tenderness form of tender:

tender [the ~] noun

  1. the tender
  2. the tender (coal-truck)
  3. the tender
    – Something used as a medium of payment. 2

Translation Matrix for tender:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
adjudication tender allotment; allowance; appropriation; arrogation; assignment; assumption
faible spineless chap; spineless fellow; weakling
fin cease; concluding observations; concluding piece; concluding remarks; conclusion; end; ending; far end; final; final end; final piece; finale; finish; finishing line; finishing point; in conclusion; knock off; quitting; stopping; termination; terminus; tip
mise en adjudication tender
sensible perceptibility
wagon à charbon coal-truck; tender
- attendant; attender; bid; cutter; legal tender; pinnace; ship's boat; stamp; supply ship
VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
tendre give; give to; hand; hand over; pass; stretch; tighten
- bid; offer; tenderise; tenderize
AdjectiveRelated TranslationsOther Translations
- affectionate; crank; cranky; fond; lovesome; raw; sensitive; sore; tippy; untoughened; warm
Not SpecifiedRelated TranslationsOther Translations
mode de paiement tender payment method
OtherRelated TranslationsOther Translations
- keeper
ModifierRelated TranslationsOther Translations
cassable delicate; fragile; frail; tender; vulnerable fragile; ragged; ramshackle; rickety; weak; wobbly; wonky
cassant delicate; fragile; frail; tender; vulnerable acrid; brittle; brusque; crisp; crumbly; curt; ragged; ramshackle; rickety; snappish; snappy; wobbly; wonky
délicat delicate; easily hurt; fragile; frail; oversensitive; sensitive; subtle; susceptible; tender; vulnerable acutely; awkward; burdensome; choice; choosy; contested; controversial; critical; dainty; debatable; delicate; delicious; delightful; difficult; disputable; disputed; dubious; elegant; elite; exquisite; fine; fragile; fussy; graceful; handsome; hard; heavenly; heavy; highly-strung; imputable; lovely; massive; nice; open to question; painful; perilous; personable; petite; picky; precarious; pretty; problematic; problematical; questionable; refined; review; select; skinny; slender; slight; slim; smartly; snap; sophisticated; stiff; stylish; subtle; subtly; superior; touchy; tough; uncertain; very pretty; very tasteful; weak; worrisome
exquis delicate; easily hurt; oversensitive; sensitive; subtle; susceptible; tender brilliant; choice; dainty; dazzling; delicate; delicious; delightful; divine; elite; excellent; exclusive; exquisite; glittering; glorious; gorgeous; heavenly; incomparable; inimitable; isolated; magnificent; on its own; once in a life time; one and only; precarious; select; separate; sole; special; splendid; superb; superior; the one and only; unique; unparalleled; very pretty; very tasteful; wonderful
faible delicate; fragile; frail; tender; vulnerable abstemious; bad; dead; deceased; dim; drained; effete; faint; feeble; fragile; frail; helpless; impotent; inferior; languid; lifeless; limp; listless; no energy; pale; passed away; poor; powerless; shadowy; sick; slackly; spiritless; unable; wan; washed out; washed-out; weak
fin delicate; easily hurt; oversensitive; sensitive; subtle; susceptible; tender acute; astute; biting; bright; clever; cunning; cutting; dainty; delicate; elegant; fine; graceful; handsome; injurious; insulting; keen; lightly built; lovely; nice; nipping; offending; offensive; perky; personable; petite; precarious; pretty; refined; resourceful; roguish; sharp; sharp-minded; sharpwitted; shrewd; slender; slick; slight; sly; small-boned; smart; snap; snappy; sophisticated; stylish; subtle; thin; wily
fragile delicate; fragile; frail; tender; vulnerable delicate; faint; feeble; fragile; frail; pale; petite; sick; skinny; slender; slim; small-boned; thin; wan; weak
fragilement delicate; fragile; frail; tender; vulnerable faint; feeble; frail; pale; sick; wan; weak
friable delicate; fragile; frail; tender; vulnerable brittle; crisp; crumbling; crumbly
frêle delicate; fragile; frail; tender; vulnerable delicate; faint; feeble; fragile; frail; pale; petite; poor; sick; skinny; slender; slim; small-boned; thin; wan; weak
juteux succulent; tender succulent
mol soft; tender dizy; weak
molle soft; tender clammy; miserable; smelling of sweat; sweaty; wretched
mou soft; tender adorable; clammy; cute; dear; dizy; drained; enchanting; faint; flat; fluffy; languid; listless; lovely; miserable; rotten; smelling of sweat; spongy; stale; sweaty; sweet; washed out; weak; woolly; wooly; wretched
plein de délicatesse delicate; easily hurt; oversensitive; sensitive; subtle; susceptible; tender
savoureux succulent; tender cherubic; delicious; delightful; excellent; exquisite; glorious; heavenly; magnificent; paradisiacal; ravishing; smooth; splendid; superb; very tasteful; wonderful
sensible delicate; easily hurt; oversensitive; sensitive; subtle; susceptible; tender accessible; bad-tempered; concrete; cross-grained; deeply; emotional; grim; gruff; grumpy; huffy; irritable; irritated; nettled; piqued; pissed off; sense; senses stimulating; sensitive; sensory; sensual; sore; stern; sullen; surly; susceptible; tangible; tender hearted; thin-skinned; touchable; touchy
subtil delicate; easily hurt; oversensitive; sensitive; subtle; susceptible; tender acutely; astute; clever; crafty; fine; resourceful; shrewd; sly; smart; smartly; subtle; subtly; wily
succulent succulent; tender succulent
tendre delicate; easily hurt; fragile; frail; oversensitive; sensitive; subtle; susceptible; tender affectionate; deep; delicate; fond; forgiving; gentle; intense; lightly built; loving; petite; profound; sensitive; sentimental; slender; slight; small-boned; soft; tender hearted; thin; warm
tendrement delicate; fragile; frail; tender affectionate; deep; fond; loving; profound
vulnérable delicate; fragile; frail; tender; vulnerable defenceless; defenseless; fragile; helpless; impotent; powerless; weak

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Related Definitions for "tender":

  1. (of plants) not hardy; easily killed by adverse growing condition1
    • tender green shoots1
  2. having or displaying warmth or affection1
    • a tender glance1
  3. young and immature1
    • at a tender age1
  4. hurting1
    • the tender spot on his jaw1
  5. (used of boats) inclined to heel over easily under sail1
  6. easy to cut or chew1
    • tender beef1
  7. physically untoughened1
    • tender feet1
  8. given to sympathy or gentleness or sentimentality1
    • a tender heart1
    • a tender smile1
    • tender loving care1
    • tender memories1
    • a tender mother1
  9. ship that usually provides supplies to other ships1
  10. a boat for communication between ship and shore1
  11. car attached to a locomotive to carry fuel and water1
  12. a formal proposal to buy at a specified price1
  13. someone who waits on or tends to or attends to the needs of another1
  14. something that can be used as an official medium of payment1
  15. make tender or more tender as by marinating, pounding, or applying a tenderizer1
  16. make a tender of; in legal settlements1
  17. offer or present for acceptance1
  18. propose a payment1
  19. Something used as a medium of payment.2

Wiktionary Translations for tender:

  1. sensitive or painful
  2. soft and easily chewed
  3. fond, loving, gentle, sweet
  1. law: an offer to buy or sell something
  1. Apportant du réconfort.
  2. Qui est d’une très grande finesse, très délié.
  3. À trier …
  4. Qui pouvoir aisément entamer.
  1. action d’offrir.
  2. wagon articuler qui forme l’arrière-train de la locomotive et qui contient le combustible et l’eau nécessaires à son approvisionnement.
  1. présenter quelque chose à quelqu’un, souhaiter qu’il l’accepter.

Cross Translation:
tender tendre mals — zacht en sappig
tender semaine week — tijdseenheid van 7 dagen
tender → appel d'offres Ausschreibung — Bekanntmachung darüber, dass man ein bestimmtes Angebot macht, mit der Aufforderung, sich darum zu bewerben oder daran teilzunehmen
tender fin zart — als angenehm wahrnehmbar
tender signer; ratifier; solder; acquitter; contresigner; parapher; quittancer; enregistrer; inscrire; attester; souscrire zeichnen — (transitiv) unterzeichnen