Detailed Translations for wrap up from English to Swedish

wrap up:

to wrap up verb (wraps up, wrapped up, wrapping up)

  1. to wrap up (pack; package; wrap; )
    • packa verb (packar, packade, packat)
  2. to wrap up (pack)
    packa; packa in; slå in; förpacka
    • packa verb (packar, packade, packat)
    • packa in verb (packar in, packade in, packat in)
    • slå in verb (slår in, slog in, slagit in)
    • förpacka verb (förpackar, förpackade, förpackat)
  3. to wrap up (wrap around; enfold)
    inveckla; omsvepa
    • inveckla verb (invecklar, invecklade, invecklat)
    • omsvepa verb (omsvepar, omsvepade, omsvepat)
  4. to wrap up (enclose; evnvelope; encapsulate; )
    innesluta; besegla; inkapsla
    • innesluta verb (inneslutar, inneslutade, inneslutat)
    • besegla verb (beseglar, beseglade, beseglat)
    • inkapsla verb (inkapslar, inkapslade, inkapslat)

Conjugations for wrap up:

  1. wrap up
  2. wrap up
  3. wraps up
  4. wrap up
  5. wrap up
  6. wrap up
simple past
  1. wrapped up
  2. wrapped up
  3. wrapped up
  4. wrapped up
  5. wrapped up
  6. wrapped up
present perfect
  1. have wrapped up
  2. have wrapped up
  3. has wrapped up
  4. have wrapped up
  5. have wrapped up
  6. have wrapped up
past continuous
  1. was wrapping up
  2. were wrapping up
  3. was wrapping up
  4. were wrapping up
  5. were wrapping up
  6. were wrapping up
  1. shall wrap up
  2. will wrap up
  3. will wrap up
  4. shall wrap up
  5. will wrap up
  6. will wrap up
continuous present
  1. am wrapping up
  2. are wrapping up
  3. is wrapping up
  4. are wrapping up
  5. are wrapping up
  6. are wrapping up
  1. be wrapped up
  2. be wrapped up
  3. be wrapped up
  4. be wrapped up
  5. be wrapped up
  6. be wrapped up
  1. wrap up!
  2. let's wrap up!
  3. wrapped up
  4. wrapping up
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

wrap up

  1. wrap up (pack)
  2. wrap up (wrap)

Translation Matrix for wrap up:

VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
besegla besiege; besieged; besieges; cover; encapsulate; enclose; evnvelope; surround; wrap up bear out; confirm; ratify; sail; seal; support; uphold; validate
förpacka pack; wrap up bind in boards; board; carton; put in boards
inkapsla besiege; besieged; besieges; cover; encapsulate; enclose; evnvelope; surround; wrap up outflank; round; turn
innesluta besiege; besieged; besieges; cover; encapsulate; enclose; evnvelope; surround; wrap up
inveckla enfold; wrap around; wrap up complicate; entangle; intricate
omsvepa enfold; wrap around; wrap up
packa bale; board; crate; pack; package; wrap; wrap up collect; gather together; glean; horde; pack; pick up; save
packa in pack; wrap up stow; stuff
slå in pack; wrap up begin; engage; initiate; operationalize; tap in
svepa lap; slurp
- clear up; cover; finish off; finish up; get through; mop up; polish off; roll up; wrap
OtherRelated TranslationsOther Translations
emballera pack; wrap up
svepa wrap; wrap up

Synonyms for "wrap up":

Antonyms for "wrap up":

Related Definitions for "wrap up":

  1. clothe, as if for protection from the elements1
  2. form a cylinder by rolling1
  3. finish a task completely1
  4. arrange or fold as a cover or protection1

Wiktionary Translations for wrap up:

wrap up
  1. To fold and secure something to be the cover or protection
  2. To finish off a task completely
  3. To wear abundant clothing as protection from the weather
  4. To summarize or recapitulate

Cross Translation:
wrap up packa in; slå in einpacken — etwas in eine Hülle oder einen Behälter tun oder mit einem besonderen Papier umwickeln
wrap up slå in; veckla in einwickeln — etwas umhüllen, etwas einhüllen, etwas einpacken
wrap up betäcka; hölja; skyla; täcka; övertäcka recouvrir — Couvrir de nouveau. (Sens général)

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